Do any of you feel that you have depression?

I myself do, i feel it everyday :scream:

I’m mixed manic in the mornings and mixed depressed in the afternoons and evenings - this has been my pattern lately

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I tend to have a few good days where I tolerate things well and don’t get to bothered by anything. Then when a symptom or something bad comes to my attention, I can get down for days on end. It’s all about confidence, and sometimes I just lose it all.

I know that I am depressed. I’ve been so low that I’ve been suicidal for periods at a time. With my depression comes inward turned anger, that I wrestle with. Right now I am at a dull low, I’ve been lower but right now I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. But the tunnel is still mostly pitch black.

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Same here.
Up and down up and down


Every day, hash´t been any light in the end of the tunnel in over a year. And people can tell, I´ve changed.

Depression every single day. Some days are worse than others. When my friends give me support, it gives me the strength to force myself to do things. When my friends are busy, I lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling and think too much.

Oh yeah, I take medications but sometimes it’s like it’s a waste of time. I just have to find things to distract the negative images and thoughts that run through my head. I haven’t felt it the past couple of days though, I’ve been pretty relaxed.

It’s a recognised part of schizophrenia
I take antidepressants
It cures it

I used to but lately I’ve been very active and reading a lot and it’s helped my depression greatly. Currently this symptom doesn’t persist but usually it does.

What goes up must come down :slight_smile:


**And back up again! :relaxed: **

I 'm on the fence over the "Am I depressed question? " . I don’t feel extremely sad or tearful,still have interest in the few things that really interest me, but on the other hand feel worthless quite a lot of the time-empty- and fairly hopeless/negative about the future.
Can’t say I am particularly fatigued but don’t have much drive/motivation. Concentration is ok ,not brilliant, for things that interest me and the indecisiveness I put down to anxiety.
Online tests usually point in order of frequency to mild(minor) depression or moderate depression.
It can be hard to separate negative like symptoms from depressive symptoms.
A while ago I was on Zoloft until my Gp wanted me to go for a meds check before renewing my prescription and I never went.
Apart from a brief spell when first receiving psychiatric treatment I have never been on a stand alone AD.
I know that when I needed to go back on meds after the pdoc sanctioned break he said he was reluctant to prescribe a stand alone AD because of the possible effect on my moods. This was after they switched me from schizoaffective mixed type to personality disorder NOS . I got put on olanzapine instead. I think there’s some debate as to whether the atypicals have antidepressant properties.

At one point I was going out almost everyday and regularly singing out loud to my Ipod(to looks from passers by/fellow shoppers), but then it switched over to not wanting to go out unless absolutely necessary,not getting dressed for days, cooked for myself less and had ready meals/take aways much more. Been on the mood level to mood below level for several years now .
I don’t think government attacks on the disabled have helped with respect to anxiety and negative mood.

I haven’t been steadily happy since before I was 10. The first pdoc I saw said it sounded like I had dysphoria…doctors seem to like slapping all kinds of names on my issues -.-

Anyways it’s just like I’m cursed so that I’m not allowed to be happy. I feel like now my depression revolves more around my anxiety now though. When I was young it was more severe and a result of puberty I think.

I have good days every once in a while. Or good moments more like. I was happy for about half of today and then it was back to normal.

That sucks anna

I’m just accustomed to it now. It’s life. Maybe I can’t enjoy it but that doesn’t mean I can mope around all the time.

I’m not here to have a good time I’m here to get work done. That’s my reasoning anyways.