Depression strikes again

I pretty much haven’t left my bed all weekend. I’ve been sleeping all day today in an attempt to escape my life and the horrible thoughts I have about it that don’t stop. I had no motivation to work on any schoolwork. I’ve hardly eaten anything. I haven’t showered in a couple days but at this point that’s become a norm for me. I’m trying to do anything to distract myself from the negative thoughts. I am going to a friend’s birthday party tonight so hopefully that will help.


There’s plenty of meds to try, I hope you find the right one. I know you haven’t had much luck so far. Sorry to bang the same drum. If it was me, I’d accelerate my search though.

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I still had episodes of depression while on Zoloft so that didn’t do crap. I just have little faith in medication now. I feel even worse when we learn things in class like people who have experienced depression since they were children are unlikely to benefit from medication and have a poor prognosis in general.

When you see posts and things about mental illness everyone tries to be so hopeful, saying things will get better. But if you look at hard facts and statistics about certain disorders like depression you find that that just isn’t the case at all.

Ha! I was written off by doctors, and now I’m out of the quagmire at least. Keep trying Anna, when one door closes, open a window. Keep trying different meds and decide on whether the side effects are worth putting up with for each one you try.

Don’t be put off by statistics and average prognosis / outcomes.

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How long have you dealt with schizophrenia?

Officially diagnosed 7 years ago.

Maybe I’m also depressed and I can’t realize it. I sleep more than 10 hours a day (I think it’s not due to meds, because I’m on aripiprazole), sometimes I don’t talk with anyone, sometimes I just want to be on bed and do nothing. The thing is: I don’t have suicidal thoughts and don’t feel sad (that’s why I generally think I’m not depressed, but maybe I’m wrong).

I understand how you feel. If I didn’t live with my parents I’d probably spend 80% of my time in bed, my mom will wake me up by 11 and makes me get up. Yesterday she got mad at me because she said I didn’t say one nice thing about my day. Honestly aside from her agreeing to do the dishes for me I had nothing nice to say. She doesn’t know what it’s like living with constant negativity in your head. Knowing it shouldn’t be there, and yet it’s there and making itself louder and more negative as the day goes on.

Today was a little better except I have some tooth pain, and need to get into the dentist but 1…can’t afford it…2, am terrified of the dentist. I mean truly terrified. I can’t handle the pain that always happens at the dentist no matter how much Novocain the apply to my lips/gums. I still feel it.

Wish I could say something encouraging. I know you don’t need meds shoved at you…I take them and they don’t always work for me. But you’re not alone in your feelings. Sometimes for me just hearing I’m not alone in the feeling helps.

Hope you have a good day with your friend.
It will go away again hard to remember when depression hits.mover the years I’ve learnt to remeber that it goes away.
Sending happy vibes.

Oh and I have the same problem with showering,!
I just can not be bothered. LOL

How long did it take for things to improve for you? Did you get help right after your first episode?

I was immediately put on abilify, and things stabilised.

Then I couldn’t tolerate it after a year, so came off meds for 2 years, barely coping.

Then ended up in hospital again. Things went downhill pretty quickly as I tried nearly all the APs and rejected them all due to not working or side effects like suicidal ideation.

Doctors gave up basically. Then out of desperation, I asked to be put back on abilify as anything was better than death by madness (which is the direction I was headed)

So then the search was on to tolerate abilify. The answer for me was l-theanine and a bcomplex.

I still hate abilify, but it’s keeping me stable and I’m able to tolerate it now (just) .

But if I didn’t keep fighting, I was finished…

There’s plenty of meds to try. One persons saviour med is another’s downfall. So all you can do is try them all for yourself.


I’m feeling depressed to. The best thing I did is go out and distracted my mind to stop these thoughts it helped but I’m sitting here alone kinda down don’t know what to do. I don’t want to feel like this anymore I hate feeling like this

Hi even hope you feel better soon the doctor is a good idea.

We are rooting for you Anna. I know depression is hard. If you can find little ways to reward yourself for doing things like showering maybe that will help. It sounds like your really down right now but it will pass. I hope the party went well.