Do antipsychotics stop working?

I was on Invega for a long time and I relapsed one day i got back from work, I spent in psychosis longer than if I was not taking any medication, what do you think? Is it the illness becomes stronger or meds stop working?

Meds can stop working.

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What to do then? Go on the same med higher dose or switch?

Either is an option. Your psychiatrist would decide.

Did an antipsychotic stopprd working for you?

Yes the duration differs from person to person and med to med but yeah they do. I couldn’t tolerate olanzapine after just 4 or 5 years.

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I would def say you need to find a new med though, upping the dose might work for a little bit but then you are in same boat a little later

Im back on Invega higher dosage after being on haloperidol for 2 years. My psychiatrist told me some people stay on the same antipsychotic for decades

Seroquel, but that never started working if I’m honest!

There’s some research that says Abilify may be immune from the “stop working” effect.

I’ve been on it for nearly 9 years now, and it hasn’t stopped working yet.


@newlyborn thats true, some people do but at the same time they can stop working

Olanzapine kind of stopped working for me because it doesn’t work well on sleep anymore. I’m getting by somehow taking a stack of sleep supplements.

Abilify never stopped working but never did heal my negatives, i responded shortly like 2 months to my first exposure seroquel i learned later it was masking my lyme neuro symptoms including psychosis the time it was helping.

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I’m scared of this! What if one day the meds stop working??

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Yea after a long period you can build a tolerance

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My meds don’t work at certain days.
How is that possible?

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If aps stop working it is not necessarily the right thing to do to raise the dose or add more meds. Meds overload will probably make your illness worse which is what happened to me every time they tried to up my meds dosage. Maybe a lower dose of a new med , eating healthy, exercise and work would help more.

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Whenever the meds stopped working,
we upped the dose, until highest dose and even more than that. Until we started searching for other aps

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I’ve been on Perphenazine for most of the last 54 years.

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Latuda stopped working for after a few months. But I went off and back on it.

When I have gone off meds, it takes higher dose to get the desired effects when I go back on it.