How long do antipsychotics work for?


Hi all, so I haven’t been hearing voices for 11 weeks now and I think it’s because I increased risperidone to 6mg back in December. I’m obviously delighted with how it’s working but I’m worried it could possibly stop working one day. So I’m just wondering did anybody APs suddenly stop working out of the blue?

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Is this a fear among a lot of people?

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No, antipsychotics work for as long as you take them. If you relapse on them, you might need to increase dosage or add another antipsychotic


My ap lasted for about a year then stopped. Now I hear voices again. They upped my meds but it didn’t help.

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Abilify has been working for 5 years for me. But I’ve had a med increase from 10mg to 15mg in that time.

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did you increase it from 10mg to 15mg because it stopped working?

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It was working but my quality of life was pretty bad. 15mg is suiting me better.

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One medication of mine - Aripiprazole - stopped working properly. I switched to Amisulpride. That seemed ineffective after a while, so it was increased. It seems to be fine now. Unfortunately, many people have to keep changing or increasing/decreasing to get the best balance. A few people never find an effective antipsychotic. Some of whom resort to ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). It’s mostly trial and error, I’m afraid.


It’s not an uncommon fear, I don’t think… but I think like… all you can deal with is right now, you know? Worrying about the future of it will just give you anxiety… it’s easier said than done, I know.


Saphris stopped working on me and for a year now I’ve been on 5 med changes tyring to get to a stable point.


It’s usually a problem if you stop them. They may not be as effective again if you go back on them or fail to work at all. Keep taking them and if your noticing improvement you probably do need them!