Do antipsychotics stop working?

I would think it depends. If you were still experiencing symptoms when you were on the medication maybe you were never on a high enough dosage to begin with. In that case upping the doage could finally put you at the rigbt dosage range. However as you up the dosage you will experience more side effects. I know psychiatrist commonly use aps above the recommended dosage ranges but as a patient my personal preference would be to switch. Depending on how many aps you have tried before? Maybe there is still a good one out there. If you are treatment resistant and or tried a lot of other medications with little success I would just increase the dose regardless. Depends where you sit in the dosage range in the first instance though I would think

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I have tried few APs, quetiapine is a big no for me, same with haloperidol. I do like very much Invega or risperidone, I think I would do great on olanzapine or geodon. My psychiatrist refuses to increase my current dose of Invega any further… sad…