Do antipsychotics block out the truth?

Hi guys.

I’m just wondering if anyone else here thinks that maybe antipsychotics work to block out the truth of the world (delusions / psychosis)? Maybe we are being blinded? Does anyone know if this is true?


No, it’s not like that. Not many people take AP’s. So the truth is there to see for all of us. The drugs is about brining the brain in equilibrium from a chemical inbalance that makes us believe things that aren’t so. We kind of get a alternate reality that is only true for the one person when delusional, while disconnecting with society and the collective reality


I used to think APs blocked the third eye which I had activated off meds

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I would say antipsychotics help with the truth.


How do you know for sure which reality is real though? What if we’re just being shut up and there’s something big going on?

You have to take it on faith. But a good indicator is that we all have different delusions. If you see people talk about unusual beliefs here you see that the delusions are always different although there are some recurrent themes like for example religion and aliens.

Living delusional isn’t pretty for me. I’d rather take meds than live in a delusional bubble.


Things in my imaginations are so convincing that I believe them until they passes.

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If you have hallucinations, I as someone with psychosis wouldnt experience them the same or even with delusions.


The truth doesn’t come in custom variants. Different universal truth for each psychotic person. No such thing.


Well, lets see…I will analyze this based on my own experience.

Before meds I believed there was a group out of Chicago trying to get me. I believed I was destined to become God and kill Satan. I believed tap water, store bought liquids and foods were poisoned. I believed poison was being pumped into our home via the heating and AC. I thought there was a spaceship piloted by angels above the earth. I believed every time I saw writing on a shirt, logo, magazine, street sign, etc, that it was a personal sign/message for me. I could go on…

After meds, I believe none of those things.

Which me do you believe is in touch with reality and knows the truth?


MOving to unusual beliefs btw, this post doesn’t belong in medications.

Psychosis blocks out the truth and APs restore it when they bring us back out of fantasyland into reality. Having SZ doesn’t mean we’re psychic, gifted, extra-spiritual, etc. It just means we have an illness that requires treatment to get us back on an even keel.

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