Beliefs in this forum. Can I be Candid?

This topic may get the boot, nevertheless I don’t understand why I can’t speak of my beliefs in this forum when my illness has a lot to do with my beliefs. I hear voices and I heard the voice of the highest power reject me and gave me over to the voices that I hear. There was a voice that told me that i can’t cripple him. I feel that I was given over to the voices I hear. The medicine helps, however I have been affected by all these experiences. I feel the separation from the highest power. It’s painful. What’s the use? Does anyone else out there have similar experiences?

It can trigger those who are suffering and it causes needless confrontation. That is why religion isn’t a valid topic here. It’s for the best!

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Because it really upsets some of us and there are people who have had very bad experiences. Not only that, there are many people with delusions centering around religion.

And it’s annoying. I’m an atheist and I don’t insist on shoving it in everyone’s face.


I just started visiting this forum again some days ago and I know nothing about the arguments of the past. I’m not trying to push my beliefs on anyone. I just thought I can communicate with others who have similar occurrences with their illnesses. We CAN pick and choose what thread we prefer to go to.

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You’re allowed to talk about religious delusions that you’re trying to overcome. It’s just that we’re not allowed to discuss our faith (or lack, therof) outside of that. It’s to keep everyone well. Religious delusions and trauma are very common among schizophrenics.

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Mental illnesses occur because of chemical imbalances in the brain namely dopamine, epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and the neuroreceptors they connect with. Anti-psychotic medication neutralizes or inhibits these neurotransmitters from firing which causes people with mental illnesses to experience hallucinations, delusions or paranoia.

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Seems like atheists push their ideas too. Anyways, it is a religion.

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I’m on an anti-psychotic medicine. It has helped for the most part. But the tactile hallucinations are painful at times. I just want to be 100.

Atheism is NOT a religion. It is the absence of one and lack of religious beliefs. And maybe some do push their ideas on others, but the rule of this forum is not to discuss religion OR lack of it.

In other words, this is supposed to be a safe place for people with and without religion. Not a place to evangelize eitherside. Why is that so hard for people to understand and follow?

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I’m not sure if a schizophrenic can ever be 100% again but the anti-psychotic medication do alleviate the symptoms. As for tactile hallucinations, you’d best discuss that with your psychiatrist. I, myself haven’t experienced tactile hallucinations.

Well, I feel like the confusion comes because people have religious delusions, but they think they are in the wrong for talking about their delusions of religious nature. So then people complain about the rule.

I’m not trying to push my beliefs on anyone. I’m just trying to keep it 100.

Oh no, don’t worry. I’m not accusing you of that. I’m just letting you know that it’s okay to get help letting go of any religious delusions you may have, but not to talk about religion just to talk about religion.

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When I say 100, I mean that I want to be completely honest about what’s going on with me regarding my illness.

Excerpt from the Forum Guidelines:

I know this should have been categorized as unusual beliefs. As I said before, I’m trying to be completely honest about my experience with my illness. I spoke to my Psychiatrist about my illness. She recommended an ibuprofen when I first mentioned the tactile hallucinations I’m having in my head. But anyway, thank you sir for the guidelines. Deuces.

You’re never far from the “highest power”, He is face to face, always. Praying helps for that feeling of connectedness.

I feel that He visits me from time to time just to see how things are going. Never when I am thinking about it, though. I am a religious person, also.

I’m not totally hostile against the other voices but I am doing what I can treatment-wise to minimize hearing hallucinations. Amyloban 3399, a supplement, helped a lot, to where they only bother me now when I’m stressed, as opposed to 24/7. There’s a thread about it here:

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You are having hallucinations whether they are religion based or not. Those need treatment.

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