Do Antidepressants Have Any Antipsychotic Effects At All

Does anyone believe that antipsychotics have any effects in relation to psychosis?

My second episode was triggered by a reduction in antidepressants when off of aps. I believe that the reduction allowed for stress triggers to take hold, which then in turn led to psychosis.

I have also found another person on here who relapsed in the same manner.

What is your experience of antidepressants and psychosis in general?

In conjunction with aps I do feel it had some extra effect.

They help, a bit I guess.

Was on them for many years, feel better off em.

There’s so many better ways of treating depression.


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I felt the same way. It worked for years. Then in March I tried 5 new antidepressants but they all made me feel shitty now.

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When I was put on meds for the first time it was effexor (AD) and olanzapine (AP) and I was told they would work in conjunction. When I quit the AD I noticed some psychosis come back but it was very mild. i quit the AD because I was no longer depressed. So yeah, I think they can have some antipsychotic effect, especially when used in conjunction with an antipsychotic.

I’m no longer on either of those medications. I am on Lurasidone which I’ve recently come to learn has both AD and AP properties and I am symptom free, my psychosis is 100% in remission.

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You can have depression so bad that you have psychosis and if you’re treated with an antidepressant both the depression an psychosis go away. I guess you could say there’s an antipsychotic effect there.


My sister got so depressed at one time in her life that she became psychotic and was hearing voices. Her pdoc put her on Prozac, an anti depressant, and all her voices stopped. She’s very cryptic about her diagnosis though.

I dont have depression, was never diagnosed with it. Only sz.

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I should say I was thinking more about the role of serotonin in relation to dopamine and the effects aps have on both dopamine and serotonin.

So I’m effect chemical balance within the brain.

Taken 5mg Olanzapine rather than 3.75 mg and definitely feeling the difference in dopamine levels.

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The more I hear people talk about olanzapine the more I wonder what the hell my old pdoc was thinking. Almost everyone is on 5 or 10, maybe 15mg of olanzapine. They put me straight on 40mg, didn’t even try 10 or 20mg. The side effects were brutal, even life threatening, and man did I sleep a lot and have no energy.

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Was placed on 10mg Olanzapine while psychotic. 40mg is a crazily high dose.

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I looked it up, the manufacturer recommends a maximum dose of 20mg. I was double that!!!

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Absolutely dreadful. Hoping you’re on a more suitable dose now.

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I’m off olanzpaine now. It took me 4 years to reduce my dosage down to zero because I had all kinds of weird withdrawal effects if I went too fast. I’ve had brutal insomnia since quitting, but other than that I am fine. I’ve been off it for over 2 months now.

I am now on 60mg of Lurasidone which is much more reasonable, and works better too.

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Glad to hear it

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