DNA tests. The Christmas present that could backfire


At 23andMe, those types of calls are so frequent that preparing for them is integrated into the company’s months-long training program. The most common issue, said Hillyer, is when a customer’s presumed father doesn’t show up on a test as the genetic dad. But sometimes mothers or siblings are a surprise, too.


I almost straight asked for this for Christmas, I hinted a lot though. I already know my dad isn’t my biological father, and if I turn out to be IDK 20% non-white, I’m not gonna freak over that either. I’m hoping I’ve got at least a few percent African in there, and then hopefully mostly Irish or Danish or whatever. Don’t really want to be Italian or Polish, but those could be true also.

I’m a white mutt >_< those tests had to be made with people like me in mind. I’m gonna do it myself after New Years is through, I am just too darn curious not to.


I am interested in knowing my family history, but im too paranoid and distrusting of companies like these to give them my DNA… :wink:

I do wonder…ive seen our family tree. Officially my mums family is from the Netherlands,
with some influence from the french nobility who fled to our country in the past (all caucasian, northwest europe).

My dads family is officially from the Netherlands too (normally: tall, white & blonde), but there is something “darker” in many of their skin tones, hair, eyes. And they have Mongolian spots, which is seen in Asian and black babies but only very rarely in white ones.

It makes me kind of curious…

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I did the ancestry dna test. I’m German, French, Swedish and Irish. We had no idea we were Swedish but my grandparents were foreign. They just didn’t know they’re whole history or they didn’t tell. But it was interesting regardless.


I got my parents Ancestry DNA tests last year for Christmas, after doing one myself. They seemed to like it.

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I came out related to people in my family. But the tests can be not accurate. As they continue to get more DNA to compare it against they are getting better. My came up with ancestry I had never heard of. Later they updated my results to things that seemed more accurate. Based on what I know. Yes I’m sure some people may find out they are adopted

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