DNA Testing for Better Medication Matches


Just to riff off YakDip’s recent test to help find a good medication - here is some background info on the tests/research that I’ve found - very cool stuff, and a great help for people having trouble finding a good medication for themselves:

DNA Genotek’s Blog
…practitioners in Canada are now able to offer certain patients a saliva-based genetic test to predict which psychiatric medications work best for them. The tests enable physicians to use a patient’s genetic makeup to help predict which medications are safe to prescribe, and which ones may be ineffective or cause side effects. The tests are aimed at minimizing trial-and-error prescribing/dosing and are expected to reduce associated health care costs.

Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics

One of the Companies that does the Testing:

http://assurexhealth.com/pr_100000patients/ - 100,000 Patients Tested with this Technology

A video on the general area of this type of personalized medicine:

Added abilify ,not a wise decision, Added Blonanserin

That’s amazing. I wouldn’t mind trying this out.


Wow, I wish I had had this test before I took these antipsychotics. I really suffered a lot dreadful side effects from these meds.


This is the type of research I’m glad to see. I think this will have a much more immediate effect.

This makes me very happy and hopeful.


My doc recommended this but she said Medicare doesn’t like to pay for it.


These old threads make me miss people. :sob:


that sounds really awesome and i wonder how specific its going to be, how reliable, like i wish i could have that test bc i wonder what it will say about the meds that i am currently on even though i know they work well i wonder if it would say that is a good med at such a low dose as i take.

what about all of those people who dont respond to meds too, what happens there? will it still have a list of best ones to try or will they all be in the red.