Disorganized thinking.... how do you fix it?

Does disorganized thinking ever hit you like a reflex action and then your left standing there in the mess; wondering how in the world did that just happen?

I’m usually looking at the mess thinking “Why in hell did I just do that? Brain… I want an answer… why did you make me do that!?”

Like… why did my brain make me put toothpaste on my hair brush? Why did my brain make me throw a scoop of loose tea in my coffee? Why did I just scrape the plate off in the sink, and throw the plate in the garbage? (It should be scrape the plate off in the garbage and put the plate in the sink.) Why did I end up wearing my pajamas under my clothing? It takes me four times as long to do simple things. That makes me so angry with myself.

Are you able to sort of restart and fix what the disorganized glitch did? Or are you like me and 9 times out of 10, stuck in confusion wondering and pondering?

This morning has just been one dumb thing after another. I’m not going to drive today. It’s bus day.

If it does hit you… how do you pull out of it. I usually need help. But if I can find a way to get over annoying mental glitches like this… I will be doing even better.


When I type in chat, I often find myself typing the completely wrong word somewhere in a line of text. I don’t know why it happens, it’s not a typo. It’s infuriating.

That also happens to me. Just out of the blue, a random word will just fly out of my fingers. It’s like a subconscious calling as I type. You’re right… infuriating. I type a lot of stuff in word and copy/ paste it over.

I don’t know if people notice it here, but I tend to jump topic like no other. I have been working my butt of to stay on topic. But staying focused enough to that sometimes is no easy task.

I feel this forum has really been helping me learn this. But the other glitches in my day… :confounded:

You are not alone. I went to work without my working-shirt, winterboots and an hour too early a couple of days ago. It was like summer outside. I got a new shirt at work but the boots…oh s**t they were hot.

I’ve driven to work with my mother in law sitting beside me. I was supposed to drive her home. 80 km in the other direction. She didn’t make a sound when I turned north instead of south. I think she liked the sightseeing. :smiley:

I’ve also driven half way to work forgetting to leave my son at daycare several times. This was before I got ill.

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Wow! Sounds more extreme than the problems I had. The regimen I have had for two years now (olanzapine 2.5 mg, lamotrigine 600 mg, quercetin 1500 mg) solves this quite well, but with the downside of reduced memory and working memory. An other problem for many here is that more than 2.5 mg olanzapine in this combination causes sedation (at least for me). Adding risperidone made the combination ineffective.

How about if you look into alpha gpc suppliment. Its possible that it will do miracle for you. With supplements i have improved my symptoms from 100% symptomatic, to 70% improvement, now i am not using any supplement, and improvement in my symptoms remains good, recently i found alpha gpc, and it improves a lot. In couple of months i will start using alpha, eventually by next year i will only take low dose of my med and live symptom free.

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wow, you made me feel good, but wait a minute it is coming back to me that i do walk in to the bedroom with an empty plate which was destined for the sink, and i got a doggie biscuit out for the ’ dog ’ and walked into the lounge and was about to give it to my wife !?!
not feeling so good about myself now ! thanks for that !!.. joking !
take care

My case is different, I have minimal disorganization but I do sometimes do things wrong then wonder what I was thinking. Like throw money in the trash can, Ive accidentally done that for example. I sort of have to be deliberate when I am organizing things like my backpack for school or my gym bag full of powerlifting gear. I often get anxiety in the car and check for my stuff to make sure I didnt leave anything. I am very forgetful, I often leave weights sitting around at the gym and theyre like “dude you left like 400lbs on the bar” and I just apologize and explain that I have a short term memory problem. I also forget peoples names unless I ask them twice or pay very close attention or find them attractive. Like I didnt forget this guys name I asked out, but I forget friends of friends I meet in social situations like parties.

I used to be worse. Like I would keep minimal stuff with me because I left things everywhere, would leave things in the car or try to plug in my phone instead of my ipod into the car sound system. I’ve shown improvement since medication. I remember accidentally setting my phone alarm for noon and it went off in class every day for a week until I remembered to reset it. Why it was set to noon, i dont have a clue.

What you describe is exactly how I get on the job when my mind flies out of control. It’s been a problem in the whole 12 years I’ve worked. I can’t do much about it but get embarrassed, beat myself up for a while and then move on with life. At my last job the valium I took toned me down a bit and straightened my thoughts out a little, so it wasn’t quite as bad. It’s not really a problem at home.

I’ve found my socks in the refrigerator. Shoes in the bed .
Pencils in the shower (no paper though).

It’s more so my thoughts than anything. It was once to a point where I couldn’t make it past the first sentence because my thoughts would loop continuously. Sort of like a skipping record. I would have to say the sentence out loud multiple times just to move on with my train of thought. Thank goodness I’m not that bad anymore.

Nowadays I tend to walk around the house and forget what I intended to do. So I have to go back to where I started to figure out what exactly I was about to do.

i don’t remember that well right now the part where i got over it…
here are some things i started doing and trying again around that time, though:

  • making lists… as long as possible, of course
  • poem writing
  • writing keywords to dreams and things
  • interpreting: symbols, thoughts, images, actions, what i read about
  • discovering who i am in my uniqueness, inside my own mind

and i think maybe i could try getting back on track, actually… in taking these slowly, again, that is… I’ve been wanting to write a whole lot more, recently.