Disorganized (Hebephrenic) Schizophrenia: What Is It?


An individual with schizophrenia who is described as hebephrenic does not have [hallucinations] or delusions but instead has disorganized behavior and speech.

Once considered a diagnosis, in the newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Edition 5 (DSM-5), the official manual that psychiatrists and other mental health professionals use, hebephrenic schizophrenia is no longer an official diagnosis.

This words is to who insists that there is a schizophrenia without the hallucination (the active factor ) or delusion ( its bad side effect ) !

The hallucination (spiritual emitter )has creates the delusions from the persons’s thoughts, his perception of the sensory inputs , his imagining to the things /events ,memories of past,the personal feelings towards the individuals and the world of things

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I come for the scz news. I stay… for the panoramic


Thank you for your coming,the news section is the best place who offering the most importance of what have been written about the health condition be called schizophrenia

As I said before, for the person with sz ,the diagnostic symptoms whatever they are (except the hallucination) in themselves are not the cause of the individual suffering
But ,rather,the bilateral coexistence with the hallucination moment by moment most period time of waking ,day by day (except the period of deep sleeping) is the main suffering from the condition be called schizophrenia

As I said before,the schizophrenia is an unknown condition for the scientific researches ,it just known as a group of independent symptoms (symptoms salad )

As i said before,the schizophrenia nature is not chronic genetic disease or actual mental illness ,it is just an unknown NEW health condition be add to the basic nature of the person in the 20’s of his life ,it does not act or behave as a disease or illness at all, but rather as a malicious Conscious person (s)

as I said before,you can use all possible methods of science to treatment the bad side effect of sz condition which they embodied in the characteristics of things be called the symptoms (positive,negative and cognitive …),but there is no final recovery from the active material of the condition (the thing be called hallucination)

And I will explain in detail to the scientists the real cause for the difficult of treatment the thing be called hallucination ,which its reality is unknown to the researchers until this moment !

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You’re wrong.
Disorganized may have delusions and voices

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In the case,if you belief that the person listens to a voices in the condition be called “disorganized schizophrenia” or any other condition

The questions
What is the emitter of these voices ?
(voices of himself,his mind,this thoughts or/ voices of spiritual emitter /other )

What is the transmission medium that transmits the voice message to the recipient ?
Air,neural pathways,neural transmitters themselves or the conscious mind itself

What is the center of broadcasting /issuing the voice message ?
How the person determines this center perceptually ?

Why the person determines the broadcasting center of these voices as they coming from the external environment while he perceives that they are emergence from his inner nature ?

What is the speed of transmission a single voice message and how long does it take to receive it perceptually and realize the meaning of its content ?

What is the direct Reaction that occurs in the feature of mental awareness after receiving the voice message ?

what is the numbers of the voice messages be received during a single day ?

Regardless the endless questions can be asking in this issue, if you answer about any question as the person listens to a physical voice messages,you will make mistake, because it is thought message that broadcasting vocally not a classical voice message be heard by ears as anyone of you talking about

As you see,it is easy for anyone to say; the person listens to a voices ,but it is impossible to give any conformed explanation to prove that you know these voices that you talk about