Disgusted by sex and romance

I feel like a grandpa. No worries.
No libido, no interest for women anymore


In fact, whenever I imagine vagina, it smells awful

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I’m kind of disgusted by sex too but only because I’ve never been in a healthy love relationship so there’s no surprises there then that my experience of sex is absolutely and totally nasty

I’m still unsure if I’m asexual or not. It might depend on who my bf is.

Yea vaginas can have certain smells. But it’s just normal.

I can look at a naked man or woman - and have no response at all. I think its just because ive got older. And ive been impotent for years, from the meds - but sex and getting a stiffy, really isnt high on my list of priorities anymore.

Maybe that would change, if i fell in love again (doubtful). But ive resigned myself to the fact im probably gonna be a bacholor now. Im not a very good partner now anyway, ive got selfish living on my own after all these years.

Ive had my children and done the marriage thing.


I also get disgusted by it. Often I wonder if I’m asexual myself. I love my husband but sex is a chore. I like hugs and kisses but not sex itself. And French kissing I don’t like either - I find it gross.


I used to be pansexual but since I tried this new medication sex turns out to be gross and I dont feel attracted to people except my ex. I think i’m now asexual.


I’m scared of catching things through sex. It’s a fear of mine I’m still thinking it thru how to overcome that. Not just hepatitis the obvious ones but just unknown things that people don’t realise are transferred in sex. N if I wear condoms I’m scared of the fluid and powdery material on condoms regularly being put in my body.

I need to overcome that fear because if I have sex then I don’t want to be stressing over things due to risk of psychosis etc

I’m even scared of kissing for the same reason

Maybe my immune system can take it all idk thou I need more confidence that it can

Also I stress about being sexually used.

It is going to take a very understanding guy who has sex with me, if.

Sex Shouldn’t Be Something to Be Disgusted Over.

If You Are, Than You Probably Are With Someone Who is Going to Bring Nothing But Trouble to You.

I Am Easily Overwhelmed By The Figure of a Woman. Beauty And Grace. Joy. A Promise Eternal. A Smile. A Quick Sound Within The Submission of Forever.

If I Am Welcomed For a Promise. Then I Shall Step Back And Welcome For The Individual For an Honest Spiritual Conversation.

Sex isn’t a Game. It Shouldn’t Be Treated Like One.


Does it bother your husband that you’re not into sex?

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He knows I am not much aroused and I downplay it. And I do enjoy cuddles so I don’t think it bothers him too much. I don’t share with him the extent of my disgust of my female parts (vaginas - yuck!) and he has to remind me he doesn’t like very short hair on women. (I long to cut my hair pixie style as I don’t want to have attractive long hair - its a nuisance anyway and I don’t like being sexy).

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Have you been hurt by men? Is that why? I have.

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I’ve lost interest in sex too. I don’t feel a connection when I see women anymore. I’m barely attracted to them like I was when I was a teenager. The medication sucks and ED meds don’t fix the whole problem, sure they can bring pleasure to your partner, but they don’t help you to reach an orgasm.

I am uninterested in sex. I am very interested in the kind of whirlwind romance that I never had and may be fictional. I still get very jealous of other new couples and newlyweds who act lovey doves. I think they are either faking it or rubbing it in my face. My brain sucks!

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No I haven’t been hurt by men. I guess I just have a celibate inside of me. In my twenties before i converted to Islam I wanted to be a nun. (Although in my teens i had an interest in sex and boys). And the meds and my sza are also to blame.

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Give me all the kinky stuff! I love sex and want more but my SO is colder than me. He doesn’t know how to turn me on. Also I realized recently I enjoy it if it’s by myself. my imagination is great and is a huge help, even during sex my imagination does wonders. During sex I don’t have a lot of fun but when I think about it for a few days it sounds far too exciting than it actually is.

Hell, everybody and every body is different. But at age 59 I am kind of proud that I can still get aroused by a woman. Sex ain’t that important to me except to joke around about it but if women are going to “turn on” their sex appeal (it’s rare but it happens) I’ll go along with the program and co-operate, lol.

Geeez, there’s a real nice 26-30 year old woman at work. She’s one of the soldiers and she’s really nice and sweet and I’ve talked to her several times and I swear, about the third time I talked to her the way she was acting I thought she was honest-to-god going to kiss me. But I am sure she was just acting and that’s the way she flirts and teases but it felt nice nonetheless.


I was on a different website forum years ago and posted…

“I think this girl at work likes me. Every time we talk, she rubs her hand up and down my arm. What do you suppose this means?”

A guy on the forum replies…

“She’s trying to steal your watch.”

:joy: Oh, man I laughed!!


I love sex with my boyfriend but I used to have bad sex when I was a binge drinker and etc

I am was celibate for a year without masturbation.

My boyfriend doesn’t come easily with me and I rarely can make him come only a few times but he makes me come which most other men couldn’t.
He is a great lover.very passionate.sexiest man I’ve seen.

My dad is still sexually active at 72.
He said he can’t go a week without sex so atleast once a week for him and his wife.

He goes down on her and most men don’t.
My boyfriend does but almost all my x didn’t.

I had no interest in sex when I was single.
Things changed when I met my boyfriend.

I can still get aroused.:metal:t5::partying_face::two_hearts:

I’m just a average straight guy with no libido.
The meds took care of that.
I like it better.


Could the matrix be a vagina, a prison for the nostrils?

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