Disability in australia


australia is doing a massive review of disability payments, bummer.
i only just got on it 6 months ago, now i’m facing not having it ! actually has helped me heaps.
i have been able to relax more, as i am self employed.
my therapy sessions may come to an end…this is free for me .
oh well, back to rocking in the corner of the room ! …hope fully this does not effect me !..
i find out in six weeks after review of the whole system.
take care


I hope they continue with your disability payments. Good luck to you.


Sending a protective tarp to cover you in protection from them taking anything from you. Also may they be distracted enough in your review enough to leave you alone and focus on that fresh cup o coffee that mysteriously appeared on the counter.


that could be my secret weapon…you are brilliant, such a cunning plan…!?!
maybe i could throw in a free cupcake with it…laced with dark sith magic…

dark sith can be seen gently moving his hand in front of the faces of the review board, using the jedi mind trick…
" you will keep me on disability payments “, dark sith says menacingly…” you will…"
take care
p.s thanks for the support.


thanks for the support CarolineC.
take care


Peace is a lie.
There is only passion.
Through passion I gain strength.
Through strength I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory my chains are broken.
The Force shall set me free.

-The Sith Code


Huh, when I first got disability they told me there’d be a review of my case every three years or so and ten years went by with no review. Now I’m in the clear as I receive SSA on my parents work record, I get half the amount of their retirement benefits. This apparently applies if one is determined to be disabled before age 22 or something. So now I get a pension that, when both parents are retired, will make me financially self sufficient. But this is the US, not Australia.

I hope you get through okay with you’re benefits intact…


are they doing these reviews because of budget cuts? Or just making sure that everyone is doing the right thing?


because of budget cuts primarily…the liberal ( conservative right wing goverment…with an idiot for a leader …’ dumbo ’ i call him ).
they are taking the money from the disabled and mentally ill and hospitals and schools and giving back to those who deserve it the ’ filthy rich '…
if they actually taxed the big companies properly and closed down the ’ legal ’ loop holes there would be money a plenty.
the mining moguls control australia and the murdoch mafia who run newspapers and t.v.
take care


That’s sad. I hope you get to keep your disability. In California, we tax 1% of anyone who makes over a million dollars and it goes to the Mental Health Services Act. Maybe you could pass legislation like that in Australia.


that’s a good idea, our new goverment ( liberal, conservative ) always come down hard on the poor…it is expected.
they won’t make a decision untill october, there has been even a back lash from some of the conservative voters…so hopefully i don’t have to sell the space ship…!?!
take care


I’m rooting for you. I do hope you get to keep the benefits that you worked so hard to get. I don’t understand the current world wide trend of taking from the bottom to feed the top 1%.

It’s happening here too. Hopefully they will delay the decision enough that the current elected officials will be unelected and the political stage will leave your life alone.

Good luck and best wishes being sent your way.


I agree J that they take from the poor to feed the rich. They’re always running out of money for social security but congressmen and the senate get paid obscene amounts for life once they’re elected. If politicians were paid what I get a month from SSD things would change very quickly.

Sith, I wouldn’t worry about your benefits. They obviously feel you need them to have awarded them and I doubt they’ll discontinue them since it’s so new for you. One piece of advice that worked for me, if they ask you about your ability to function, make it sound like your worst day happens everyday. Don’t lie but also don’t say “well I’m doing ok.” You’ll be fine.

Sending love. :sunny:


In the UK the conservative government wants to bring these back. :scream:


Based on what you just wrote you should still be elligible for Disability. Maybe a cupcake laced with something more conventional.