Disability denial

Well got a denial fro m my hearing. Guess i better look for work

I work because I am in denial. It’s a good motivator. Not accepting the well trodden path can sometimes lead to unexpected results.

I’m so sorry, zombie.

Can you get an attorney and try again?

How does the government remove someone from disability? :thinking:

No, i already had the hearing. That’s where you use a lawyer.

They didn’t remove me. Basically because my meds work i am not markedly disabled.


What did you mean by denial from your hearing?

you can always appeal…they give you a due date and just have your lawyer appeal it…you’ll get it one day.

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I would try different meds until you find one that REALLY works for you.


I can’t appeal except to say the judge made a mistake.

I’ll just keep trying to find jobs.

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I am sorry.

I have been pretty bad off and have worked if it helps any. I had to go from job to job because I couldn’t keep one very long but I have a good resume and lots of work experience.

I was on SSDI and I purposely went off of it. Never had a review or anything.

I got it easily. Less than 3 months, no exam, no hearing and no lawyer after 7 failed work attempts.

So sorry to hear that. I just finished applying and I feel like even though I’m currently relapsing and the tv is talking to me they are going to deny me because I go to school. It’s hard for people like us.

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As do I, I actually feel a bit better knowing that I’m providing for myself even though I despise working and dealing with people

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They do not care to give out benefits. They make the route unnecessarily difficult.

I was denied and appealed. Such is almost standard


Sorry @ZombieMombie I’m waiting on my appeal hearing to be set I have a lawyer this is my third time.

I was rejected for disability twice… someone suggested they automatically reject your application but if you appeal they think twice.

I was rejected for the UK disability benefit DLA twice before succeeding the third time . My situation hadn’t changed between the 1st and 2nd attempts and the 3rd. I just had help with the forms the 3rd time .

In the UK it’s not so much about how your disability affects you , but how well that’s put across to an assessor(either by yourself or someone for you).

I was really lucky in that I got on disability on my first attempt. I was so far gone in the hospital that disability was seen as my only hope and the process of getting it was basically started without my consent. It was a weird situation, though I’m not complaining.

I’m not sure what all is involved with subsequent attempts after an initial denial but I really hope you can either find some way to circumvent the issues that prevented you from getting benefits the first time or a good job with accommodations for your condition.

I was denied once, got a lawyer who only charged me 2500 of my back pay. He was an awesome guy, could charged me more but I just needed him to show up to court and they approved me, I had done most of the work with my gen practice dr. They don’t have much for mental health in SD where I filed, so I got into help here WI in 2013 when we moved. I was reviewed once and they said review every 7 years, but my therapist said once WI sees sz on your SSDI diagnosis, you’re a lifer

I hope I will take it here in Greece.
I am sorry for you. Apply again