Diminished self-monitoring in hallucinations – Aberrant anterior insula connectivity differentiates auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia from subjective tinnitus

No point in comparison between the subjective tinnitus and the phonetic material of hallucination
Because,the phonetic material of hallucination is not physical sound material

They are ultrasound thoughts waves contains linguistic expressions that have a meaning,concept and connotation,they are over a billion vibration per second !
They are not a noises or arbitrary acoustics like subjective tinnitus

The linguistic content are a means of bilateral communication in 2- ways between the sound emitter and the conscious mind of the person

I studied the insula in university, its like a small brain deep in the brain. It also functions in olfactory information processing.

In people without Sz,brain cells do not make an identification signal by using audible sound mechanism
Also, in the people with sz ,brain cell do not produce ideas by using audible sound mechanism throughout the lifetime of sz

In general,brain cells do not have the functional characteristics that make them broadcasting
the cognitive information,ideas by phonetic mechanism be audible internally for the psychological user

Therefor, the brain cell do not produce the voices of hallucinations ,add for that the acoustic wave is propagates in the temporal/spatial dimensions in which the conscious mind is located,then it moves from the mind to inter the brain cells ~~!

How to prove that the ultra sound wave of hallucination is emitted directly within the conscious mind at first,then it is transmitted to the brain cells through the mental reaction (feedback) ?

1-If the brain is the one that produces the sound wave directly in the mind,
the sound wave should be emitted in the mind though the whole day (waking/sleep ),24 hours
2- If the sound wave were emitted in the mind (only)
it is supposed to be issued during the waking hours only !
3- all people with sz,never listening to the hallucination voices during the sleep time,dreams or absent of the consciousness (the absence of the mind)

Then,the sound wave do not produced by brain functional activity in the whole day ,and it is emitted directly in the present mind by action of the sound emitter itself (the hallucination)

I have tinnitus. The most annoying sound ever. I hate it because I can hear it clearly and it’s not an hallucination. It annoys the heck outta me. My brother also has it and we both agree that it’s annoying.