Synaptic dysfunction in schizophrenia

# Synaptic dysfunction in schizophrenia

The authors, led by Rick Adams, Ph.D., at University College London, used electroencephalography (EEG), a noninvasive technique that measures brain waves, to collect data from 107 participants with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, 57 of their relatives and 108 control participants. The EEGs of people with schizophrenia displayed hallmark signs including increased theta waves.


You can notice that,this is the first report who changing its wrong theoretical assumption about the schizophrenia nature itself ,and says what we say !
The schizophrenia cause the symptoms instead of the sz whole condition is the result of the symptoms (the sums of the symptoms characteristics ) !

But the fatal mistake in all medical theories remain exists and it needs a modification !
The schizophrenia whole condition itself is represented in the thing be called hallucination ( the main structure and the active material )

In other words,the hallucination is the existed condition in the basic nature of the citizen and represents the active factor itself ,and the term “schizophrenia” is just a name without actual existence

So, the hallucination itself is the pathological factor or / the psychotic factor itself or the casual factor of the whole condition - or the maker of the chemical imbalance - nothing else
The hallucination is an interfering wave according to the chemical description
For example:

You should say; the hallucinations ,which cause disrupted thought,mood,delusions and any type of change can be diagnosed in the mental functions and /or the mental biochemistry -this is the final truth
while the Term “schizophrenia” itself is merely a common name without actual connotation

If you do not understand what we say
Tell us what is the structure and /or the functional effect of this SZ (if it was existed) ?

“This might mean that the loss of excitation comes first, and the brain tries to compensate for this by reducing inhibition, but then this leads to hallucinations,” Dr. Adams said. “Imagine you are trying to listen to someone speaking on the radio, but the signal is very weak; if you turn the volume up, the speech is louder–but so is all the static and background noise–and so you may mistake some of this noise for actual speech. Something analogous might be happening in brain circuits in schizophrenia.”

That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

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Thanks, interesting

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I always found the effects to be closer to ketamine + paranoia (NMDA Antagonist (glutamate)) then to amphetamines (dopamine agonist). I will investigate some more, I believe chronic cannabis use in adolescent years triggered my psychoses. I don’t buy the it would’ve happened anyway theory. Cannabis makes me instant psychotic, the only drug that does that, and chronic use reduces glutamate (excitation) and it has effect on GABA (inhibition) as well. Funny when my GABA is high I get almost no symptoms from cannabis. These researchers may be on to something

But I believe the disease is so diverse that there are a lot of different causes for different people… I think the name schizophrenia will change once they find out more about the brain.


There is no a thing (anything ) in our human basic nature (genetic/ psychology ) leads to the creation of the hallucination personality (s) in the existentialism level at all,because the thing be called hallucination have not genetic material or cellular structure or chemical substance ,it is not from our human nature !

1 of 2, the self understood idea is the ONLY thing that happen in our human nature , comes first and precedes the intervention of the hallucination in the concept of the self-idea in order to modify it !

2- if there is no self-idea in the present mind ,the hallucination on his own responsibility inspires a new vocal idea that its concept irrelevant the culture of the human being from A to Z or from all possible aspects (it is delusional in nature)

this means that,the hallucination is exists in the human nature before the thinking process or during or after ,but it has seeks to effects on the basic nature after thinking or / during the thinking to inhibiting its way OR in the time of thinking’s rest

You must know everything in fine detail about the thing be called Hallucination without making a slightest mistake before claiming that A or / B or C creating the hallucination !
What is the hallucination in him/herself or in itself ? !
What is the creation cause of Hallucination and how it be created ?

In pure nature,it is a self-aware living psychic creature,made of pure Energy that do not embodied in any living or non-living material to contain it !

He is so in himself in an independent position Before linking and its intervention in the human basic nature during the event of the condition be called SZ

Wavy energy implicitly transmits operating commands for each process that can manage the mental functional life of the human being ,just to distance the host from his own psychic reality,his own relationships with others and with the reality of his external environment

in sums,when you tray to treatment the final cause of sz symptoms,you must know that you deal with a conscious energy transmits operation commands (ORDERS) that have full effect on the mental functions

There is no materialist existence /organic of the hallucination in the biological basis,and there is no bio marks for it inside or outside the human cells and nothing can effects it existentially or functionally because it is just an energy between the cells and have an operating commands to activates the self mental functions in any direction !

All problems /crisis that related the treatment /cure from sz ,understanding the feelings that be felt by the citizen …etc are controlled by the above characteristics of the thing be called hallucination (s)
A wavy conscious energy transmitting a higher operating commands through out the period time of the mental feedback processes AND the reversal chemical processes !!!