Difficulties to think. Did you get better on this?

So I wonder if you get better on this with time. Did your meds help you too to start thinking better? I guess the depression doesn’t help on this, no? Maybe going out more often will be good to think better too, how do you think?
I am very scared that ill remain closed in my head for a long time still.

I can’t think anything. I am blank.


Nothing helps, my head is still :sleeping:


Much of the time, my mind seems to be either blank, or sometimes filled with gibberish

My IQ was once 80 points. It is now at normal range. 80 points is near mentally challenged level. I changed this situation by taking nootropic drugs everyday (Cognitex Basics), by exercising everyday, (yoga), by eating nutritiously, and by meditating everyday, twice daily.


I still got issues to think clearly but since I’m mostly on social media all day or watching TV I don’t use my brain much at all. Lol. I guess over the past year I’ve gotten slowly better. I’m on 5mg respirdal

I started off on risperdal in psychosis. I’m not sure that worked well for me and in the end I moved to zyprexa. That proved to be a really good med for me. I do think a lot clearer.

Worthwhile bringing up with you doc. Tell them you don’t feel improved and why. It can take a while…schizophrenia is serious business!

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Use dapoxetine for a short period of time, it runs the thinking but brings severe paranoia so don’t use it for a long time,


I’ve noticed when I can bring my anxiety levels down I think clearer, make better decisions. Meditation might help or a coping skills class if they have that near you, would give you a place to go and learn some techniques might even make a friend there who also has anxiety issues.

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I’ve always wondered whether it’s anxiety-muddled thinking or muddled thinking- anxiety. The two can definitely go together.

For me I’m not sure it’s a mental illness thing or an ASD/dyspraxia/nvld thing. Some days I can think more clearly than others.

Someone with dyspraxia has difficulty organising their thought processes (planning what to do and how to do it).


There may be difficulty in planning and organising thoughts.


What_is_Dyspraxia.pdf (207.6 KB)

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I think so. I also know people who have been in a situation very similar to yours and mine. A few years ago, I was not able to read a line and keep it in my mind. I did not even know how that phrase started. But, very slowly and without being able to notice it every day, I have been improving, Now I am able to study languages for example. And I can have interesting conversations with people. So, it is very possible that you will slowly improve.


I wouldn’t have guessed your iq was once below average, Gina. You are now well spoken and literate. You have a passion for reading and playing the piano. You seem well balanced (granted, with some help from the meds).
Keep rocking :wink:


Why thank you, @Andrey! How nice of you to say!

Believe it or not, I was once diagnosed as mildly cognitively impaired, by my pdoc. This diagnosis no longer stands.

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I wonder if i didnt miss too many things cause i was depressed for years? Can i recover after so much time you think? My mother says no… i was misinformed for many many years :disappointed_relieved:. Well, maybe i lived in a crazy family too… my fears comes from this partly - that ill look inadequate outside… i cant justify that i am crazy, isnt it? :smirk:

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