Are you able to think?

Hello everyone,

I am rather new here.
I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia for 5 years now.
And I just got one question for you :slight_smile:
Are you able to think with your treatment?
A simple question but for me it’s very important to know.
Thank you so much.

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Hi Jeremy,

I am able to think but my processing abilities are slower

no with my treatment i am not able to think.
i too have trouble trying to formulate a thought.

The only thing that really improved this is 2 cups of strong coffee in the morning. There is no meds or supplements that improve this according to my psychiatrist and my experience with many meds and many supplements.

I no longer think. My mind is blank most of the time. The only thoughts that occur in my mind/consciousness are the ones that my schizophrenia produces.

yes ability to think especialy in depth, complex keep deteriorating. its the first symptom i noticed for negative symptoms. lack of thoughts creates lack of activity, negative symptoms. solving math, physics problems was my first symptom i noticed 16 years back and its mainly due to lack of deep thinking ability, working memory issues.

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i find with meds, im better able to focus on a single topic. before meds, i would have racing thoughts and would often connect unrelated thoughts together. i was more creative without meds, but now i can simply focus on one topic. it’s a slow process to build one thought on top of another but meds are actually slowing me down and allowing me to simplify things and to stay on topic.

Thank you very much for your answer Butterfly. Sorry to ask this but do you have schizophrenia? What are your medications? I can’t think!

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I so agree with you
Even in my case maths physics got difficult to grasp

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Thank you for your answer!
Do you have thoughts crossing your mind sometimes or is it blank?
I think it’s about the treatment I will ask my psychiatrist

its blank, if think of something it quickly fades from mind as if i not able to hold on to it.

That’s sad if you ask me :weary:

you too like that?

Yes, I can formulate sentences fortunately but my mind is blank and when someone does not sollicitate me, I have nothing to say almost so it’s frustrating when I’m with someone

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for me its like impulsive, if i think of something it stays in mind for few seconds and instantly vanishes from mind. this duration even less if some distraction come. i started to get obsessive compulsive disorder due to this instant vanishing from mind. this blankness creates doubt and i then need to redo things.

due to this blankness multitasking gets worse and worse. if do something forget about next step and need to recollect and then continue etc.

You’re welcome. I have psychotic disorder so not schizophrenia but am on an antipsychotic aripiprazole. What is you’re treatment regimen, which meds do you take and how long have you been on them?

I hope i can get a nice calm clear mind, i’m hoping i can recover and i dont want to believe it is just genetic and nothing i can do about it, i’m trying to to fight this illness with my med and also filling my life with nice things/thoughts, hopefully if my mind is swimming in the good stuff then the bad stuff will not enter :slight_smile: Hoping good will conquer all and I’ve been puting my mental armour on as well.

btw i want to say welcome back to the site @Jeremy i hope you can hang around, we all try and help each other out

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