Difficult to treat

I am being told I am difficult to treat because things are very complex.

Specifically this was said to me today by my pdoc in the context of ASD, Anxiety and depression

idk, do these things feed off each other or something?

My understanding is that whatever difficulties there are with ASD, there is no med to stop it. So why mitigate with meds if there is a root cause here?>

The psychosis features less of an issue these days since being on Amisulpride and finally getting the Schizophrenia under more control than ever before.

For this reason I am now being told that now they can see these other ‘issues’ they can treat. I feel more like a private experiment being poked and prodded.

Do these people just see chemicals in people? It’s all they talk about

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Do you have any idea how much longer until you are in for therapy?

I am not sure :confused:

They had some panel meeting to make the case for it, but they need to see who is willing to be my therapist.

I had therapy on the NHS in 2019-20, but it did not help at all.

My care coordinator told me he will be involved this time to make sure they keep things more acceptable to me


Good luck hopefully it works out next time… Yeah therapy can be useless sometimes.

I’m trying to get some more of it though and hoping for the best.

I hope you can too.

The private therapy option is very expensive, so unless the NHS do it, there will be no therapy :frowning:

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i think my pdoc gave up on trying to improve me as he seems to think i’m stable and he doesn’t think he can get me any better… so i don’t see him so often now… but it’s ok to me, i think i’m doing okish on the meds i’m on.

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Glad to hear you’re happy with your meds.

I am happy with the psychosis meds, it’s just the others that have stacked up I don’t feel do anything

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Well, asd isn’t really treatable with medications, but some aspects of it can be improved with therapy.
Emotional dysregulation, resilience/reactions to stress, obsessive-compulsiveness, anxiety, depression

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I hope you can find a good therapist. It really does make a difference.

I have been considered a “complex” case and “very atypical” and it has led to a lot of wildly different ideas on how to treat me.

I am getting an Advocate I hope from a local LGBTQ+ mental health charity in a nearby city

Can no longer rely on my mother, as she just believes everything the doctors says, and is not advocating at all.

Thanks, hopefully it will go better this time!

I am not a fan of them saying that. Just because I am not prepared to tolerate certain side effects just means they have to be more inventive !

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Good luck @Joker!

My old therapist was lazy. She got me diagnosed with ASD, then told me that none of her techniques would help someone on the spectrum, and I got discharged!

Hopefully if I get more they will try a different approach

I think that might be how it is with me. I have yearly appointments now.

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My mental health problems were once described as ‘Machiavellian in their complexity’.

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