I just got a new diagnosis confirmed

I now have confirmed paranoid schizophrenia, ASD and as of today generalised anxiety disorder

I am not shocked but collecting two new diagnoses in one year seems a bit much


Oh well mate. Not the end of the world.

Now you know what your dealing with - you can implement coping skills to deal with it :slight_smile:

I always assumed you was Para Sz anyway mate. Get the meds in! lol


Anxiety is a hard thing to deal with. I’ve been paralyzed by it many times. I’ve done a lot of work to try and combat it but rely heavily on meds to overcome it. I take Cymbalta 120 mgs and it really helps me tremendously. With your ASD and your GAD you definitely have a challenge.

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Diagnosis are all a crock of â– â– â– â– . The meds are the same for any psychotic disorder.

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I know but diagnosis are important for when you deal with people who don’t know you

Anxiety is not a psychotic disorder, they don’t use antipsychotics for it, they use benzos or some antidepressants. But I agree sz is the worse diagnosis out of those. Sz is the worst mental illness from what I read except for treatment resistant depression I think.

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I found anxiety worse than psychosis

When I have psychosis I am completely out of it and I have no idea what’s happening to me

The anxiety is always there and constantly attacking you from all fronts and it eats deep into your being and consciousness

Chronic SZ I agree is worse when you have bad negatives but the anxiety is crippling

Anxiety has only recently been treatable for me now the psychosis is better managed

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Yea it also depends on symptoms severity. My friend has social anxiety disorder taking meds but he’s able to work a hard job, electrician in construction, and hangout with many friends daily, he also plays in a rock band. He’s doing way better than me.

They are all just labels at the end of the day - which change on whatever the defination of the DSM version they release.

What is important tho - is with that label - your able to gain access to certain drugs and support that would not be normally be available.


Sounds like his meds have worked well. There is no way I could support that kind of sociability in my life. Makes things too complicated

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I forced the issue as I was being medicated for it, and I need to secure PIP in April, so if I have this additional diagnosis, it should work in my favour, otherwise it will be ignored as usual and brushed under the carpet as a non issue when it does have a detrimental impact on life in general

I am trying to be philosophical about it. The ASD is being a bit challenging now I am aware of the problems. The anxiety only bothers me now in extreme circumstances, as the Pregabalin seems to be doing a good job, as I was an absolute mess for a long time. I had nervous ticks and shaking and really unwell.

It just feels sometimes these things work against you so hard, but I am trying my absolute best to just be logical and not let these things drag me down too much.

I like working for myself, and I am not letting psych dx’s get in the way. Just need to find the best way to cope and do the best I can. That’s all anyone can expect.

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It sounds like you’ve made lemonade my friend, well done. :smiley:

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I have anxiety too, along with sza and borderline. Sometimes the anxiety is more distressing than the psychosis although the two are often linked.

I wouldn’t put too much into these labels the doctors put on us. Something is wrong, but ultimately we know ourselves better what is going on inside our bodies than some outside observer.

When I got diagnosed they labeled me with “schizoprenic similar disorder”. Later it became “unspecified psychosis”. Which I guess are really vague diagnoses.

I know something is wrong with me and I do what I can to keep my brain stable like excersise, eat healthy and supplement.

the change them some time because your brain and mind flexesible, and change too

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