They dont understand me

i am fed up by some acquaintances who think that i dont have the right treatment. i saw it really often with my friends. yes, i dont feel fine till years but ive tried almost every possible treatment out there… my pdoc said to keep the current one, to stop switching meds and maybe in my case it will take years to recover… i am not the typical schizophrenic. i dont have crises, its chronical here… they dont understand my low functnioning. they are all ill and i really find that they think that they do it better than my pdoc… they say that i am not ill etc etc. it pisses me off, really… i met a lot of schizophrenics and they were more positive than me, more opened. but my illness its stil an illness. they dont understand this kind of suffering, where i isolate myself since years… and me, i think that they are wrong cause meds sometimes cant help on all symptoms here…

i really want to cry right now… they all seem to get better after a couple of months on meds. me, i live the hell sometimes but without my meds its even worse… maybe i was taken in treatment too late, i spent 15 years in isolation before my treatment… i am so sad right now, i hate this woman for saying that, that i am normal and that they put me on the wrong meds. no! it s not like this!!! two very experiences pdocs saw in a second that i am ill… i am strange in my attitude in everything… i dont know why the meds dont work, i am maybe retarded dont know anymore… i am just afraid to be around other people also, why they dont understand this? i hate now when this woman is saying that i gave up. its not true. she just cant understand that if i dont scream outside that i am god for example it doesn’t mean that i dont have a mental problem… :cry:

No one understands really. We just here ya know.

thank you very mucn @Silent_Sunday, its great to hear this :slight_smile: i think my mom understands me the best. she is great even though that she pushes me to act more and more and me, i cant… but my friends are not the best… i am ill since child, i know it and this woman of today dares me to say that i couldn’t be ill since child, yeah…
i dont know how i ll get through all this . meds are not helping a lot… i try to love myself for the first time of my life but the most of the time i cant even think with my brain…he is like asphyxiated, you see? pls help… will it relieve one day? maybe 6 months its few because i am ill since longtime? i should be patient? i am tired to always fight, really.

Get yourself another pdoc. You have two types of pdocs those that really care for your well being and those that care about a paycheck. You have to get rid of that woman if she’s making you mad. I got rid of my previous pdoc and therapist. Far as dealing with sz it’s going to take time for it to relieve. Right now you are at a breaking point and want some relief from stress, the voices, the whole nine yards. However, time is your best healer. If the meds not working get on some new ones. It just takes allot of patience to deal with sz and I congratulate everyone on here dealing with it. That includes you too. Keep fighting a good fight. It’ll all work out in the end. @Anna1