Died while waiting 11 hours for an ambulance


Is this in UK?
Quite awful.

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Even though american healthcare is ridiculous im glad we dont have this problem


Yep it is. Not good at all. They have problems in lots of places

Ambulances are stacked up outside Emergency rooms, and I think there is not enough of them too

I’ve had to call multiple ambulances over the years here in Canada and they always come quickly.

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I think you’ll find stories like these are very very rare in the UK. I appreciate the NHS for all it has done for me. Would rather have the NHS then have to go bankrupt because I can’t afford my medical bills/be turned away from life saving treatment because I don’t have insurance.

My mother had to wait 6 hours with a broken ankle

My grandmother waited 10 hours after a fall

@Joker try living under priavte health care. Because i can guarentee you this …if you did you would soon quit talking ■■■■ about the NHS

Each household on average in the UK pays £10,000 per year in tax payer funds to pay for it. Not free…

That’s the 3rd highest contribution in Europe people make towards healthcare…

I think I have a right to be pissed that the money is not being spent properly on what people need - or pay nurses a decent wage

I have no idea how much private insurance is in places like the US, but £10,000 is a lot of money per home in the UK…

Only see as I find.

Also I do not blame the NHS. This is the politicians fault, but I can’t go into the obvious details without breaking the site rules

To pretend that it doesn’t have problems and not to speak up about these things means nothing would ever get done about it…

Healthcare is expensive in a western world milieu where raising taxes isn’t cool. Not the place to discuss the shortcomings of governments. Ideological arguments aren’t allowed.

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