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Me and my bf were leaving grocery store and I got yelled snitch. When I got home I heard a guy upstairs say “rat”.
Who the ■■■■ are these people I’m supposed snitch on? Like I don’t have my own problems but to get my life threatened over lies. Jfc makes no sense. I stay home away from people.

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Talk to your pdoc, @roxanna. Tell him/her that you’re still hearing voices.

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I’ll tell my mom to put a picture of my tombstone on here.

I’ll be dead before I can see my pdoc.

I can almost guarantee that you’re not going to die @roxanna. Please talk to your pdoc.


@roxanna for God’s sake please change your meds…you are always on here saying you are going to die…surely you can do better on different meds? you aren’t going to die…you are ill…very ill…

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Are you sure? Got called a rat earlier. Stay calm

calm??? you are afraid people are talking about you…nothing new…you’ve been going on with this paranoia for about a year now…when are you going to snap out of it? you need new meds…now !!


The voices you hear all the time? Not real.

Strangers are not plotting your demise. Those are paranoid thoughts.

You have schizophrenia.

What do you think that means?

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@jukebox I’ve been trying different meds for the past 4.5 years and I’m still being told I hallucinate and have delusions. Either it’s real, or the meds just don’t work for everyone

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yes I know it’s hard to find the right meds but both of you are definitely ill…I wish you both the best… @roxanna I am sorry I know you are trying…I’m just frustrated.


It’s not real! It’s your illness! You have to face the fact that you’ve been dealt a s*** hand and face the fact that you have schizophrenia! Not all meds work. Time to get a new one.


Im gonna stay on perphenazine for a while.

Please, no fighting; everyone’s got issues of their own to deal with.

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@roxanna @ZmaGal
It took me a really long time to find an AP that worked. Years. I’m on risperidone 4mg 3x day and haldol 5mg 2x day prn.

Please don’t give up and accept that you’ll always be this way, or that the danger to your life is real. I thought there were cameras in the tv, in the trees outside the windows, in the bathrooms and bedrooms. I was convinced that my phone activity was being captured. I thought my picture was being taken every 15 mins by my phone.

I’m sure that none of that happened, now. I’ve even gotten some insight when those old fears rise…

I say, to myself, why am I important enough to be constantly tracked, etc? I’m not famous, I’m not a celebrity. That helps me.

I’m sad that you’re stuck. I hope you champion for yourself until they get the right med cocktail for you.


Thanks @jukebox I’m still hoping there’s a med that can make it all go away. I’m trying not to lose faith but sometimes I start thinking no one knows what they’re talking about. But just in case, I keep taking my meds.


Thanks @JustTrish. That’s what’s happening to me. I hope it all goes away someday.

I have to quit going up the walls about the neighbors. I’m trying my best on perphenazine. Just heard him leave. Boring dumb how do you tell a sza any damn sense?

No understand if it. Guy saying hoe above me. No thanks impretty positive I can get rid of this ■■■■

It means nothing to look forward to. I’m depressed all hell.