Did your mum or dad have MI?

My dad had major depression for 12 years
At aged 10 i was worried he’d kill himself
He punched himself gave blackeye


My mum and dad don’t have mental illness. They have careers of more than 40 years and are on the verge of retirement.

I do have an uncle and cousin with schizophrenia.


My parents worked until retired
My dad worked after he somewhat recovered when i was 12 yrs
He doesn’t take meds for mi anymore but he struggle with bad nerves still


as far as we ever found out there was a distant great aunt that they hid away because she was mentally ill…this was like in the early 1900’s…sad…I’m the only one that proved schizophrenia is in our family though…

No, neither of my parents have a mental disorder.

No one in my family or distant family has mi.

My parents don’t have mental illness. But my grannie had sz real bad

is he still alive, your dad?

my dad has always had anxiety,
but it was just where and how he lived.

my mom was on meds a little while for depression.

neither of them are full blown like me.

Yeah he still here

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I think my mum has depression and disaccociative condition.

Nothing diagnosed.

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My mom’s an alcoholic my dad is a drug addict. Hard to tell about the mi part.


Bad to grow up with that
Sorry idk


Thanks @spaceoptic yeah hard having no one around.


Who looked after you

my father has amazing self control. never lost it. not once. my mom was intense and too much into morals. nowadays she has evolved a lot. she is happy and open minded. i love them.


That’s cool you love your parents egofree.
I love mine too though they’re a little bonkers sometimes.

They love me in their own special ways, I guess…

I love them both deeply because they have done so much for me.

It’s not obvious but basically if us kids weren’t alive their lives would be so much easier.

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Well thats kinda obvious right a given? :laughing:

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Yea it’s obvious lol

But to actually recognise that and really appreciate it isn’t always


Okay right


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My father has inherited the mental illness gene and passed on the disease to me; however, my father has not been diagnosed with any mental illness at all.