What klonopin does on me

Hi all, I read you almost every day, but I participate less, cause I try to complain less. and its still not easy for me.
Whats up with you all? Sending hugs to all that you think about me still, I think of you too :slight_smile:
So since 4 months I am on a proper dose of Zyprexa - 10 mgs. The problem is that I didn’t progress much. I have my fears, my irritability, my passivity, my guilt, my emotional pain. But its terrible how a bit of klonopin helps this on me…
I even start to talk more, I am more social without my fears of being a freak. Even my passivity gets better, my will too… I don’t understand why Zyprexa doesn’t calm my fears like this. I even think better on klonopin.
But I cant take it forever, its not a treatment pill. Plus, it will stop working after some time…
Do you also find the benzos the best on your illness? I wonder if there is some ap which works like this too, but I tried around 10 aps and none of them didn’t help my fears like this…
Take care

Klonopin is a benzo then? I stay away from benzos, just on my one AP.

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yeap, klonopin is a benzo. I know, its not good for a long term trt and I am a chronical… But my paranoia gets better only on benzos, its strange…

I know a guy at my day center, he is sza, he also needs benzos to get over his paranoia.

There is a possibility that I am sza too. I have Depakote too which I need. Yeah, maybe too much emotions cause my fears too. But in my case, I keep my emotions in me. I have some bad ones too :frowning:

I’m finally off of Klonopin completely.
No more benzos for me!
Never again.

My current psychiatrist doesn’t like prescribing benzos.


What alternative to benzos then, @Wave? its the only thing which helps occasionally sometimes still… Should I just take my patience on Zyprexa and accept the current pain now? lol, sorry if I sound dumb…

Stop calling yourself dumb @Anna1!
If you need Klonopin to calm your paranoia a bit then that’s fine.
Klonopin wasn’t helping me personally.
But we are all different.


Same here as well. I’ve been taking 1/1.5mg daily for over 8 years. It still works like a charm for anxiety but most important against paranoia!

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Be careful with klonopin.
It’s gotten me into some strange situations, terrible for making stupid choices.
It’s a lot like being drunk, and very addictive.
When i tried to quit it by myself i ended up in hospital, had seizures.

It does work wonders for anxiety, but, when it starts to wear off, you take more, and more,
and eventually it’s impossible to get that feeling of calm.

Rebound anxiety is also fifty times worse when off the drug.

I’m glad it helps you but i wouldn’t take them too often!!

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yeah, I know catch22, benzos are risky… I take them very rarely, but in fact I have no life. and when I take a klonopin, everything is better. But I prefer to suffer now and pay efforts. But I make so few efforts, that I wonder if ill get healthier soon just on Zyprexa.

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