Did you know in your childhood

Did you know in your childhood that you may get schizophrenia. Sz runs in my family, two of my aunts and one cousin had it when I was a child. I knew in my childhood that there is a great probability of getting sz. This is why I tried to live quite a peaceful life when I was younger so that there would have not been any triggers and stress. But as it turned out I could not avoid it. It surely runs in my family.

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I do not know of any sz that runs in my family. When I was diagnosed it was something new to me. The only thing I knew about MI as a child is that my aunt worked at a hospital for mentally ill people. I never knew that you get different diagnosis.

I had a suspicion, but didn’t want to believe it. Maybe if I were more proactive about it, and were more educated about it also, things would be different. But no, well, it is what it is, I’m alright now.

I didn’t know until the tenth grade at school. That was when I realized I was going to crack up.

i realised i was sz when i was 21 when i was diagnosed, i realised i could beat this when i was put on a new med about 6 years ago :slight_smile: i’m 34

I didn’t know I had sz until I was diagnosed at 18. I had a normal childhood, although I was very shy. I only knew something was wrong when I was 13, because I started suffering terrifying panic attacks at school and in restaurants and malls. They continued with what I thought was ‘thought-voices’ until my breakdown at 18. I have no family history of sz and my sister only got diagnosed with Bipolar years after I got diagnosed with sz. I never knew anything of it until it happened, and even then, I was poorly educated on it. When I had my remission at 22 years of age and stopped meds, I thought I was cured. But then problems started coming back when I was 27 or so, and it was only the following year, when I was in hospital again, that I was rediagnosed with sz and realised I had it all along. I’m now 32 and coping ok on meds, but I dunno if I can come off meds again. Maybe, maybe not…

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I had no idea until I started to hear voices one day. When you start hearing voices without realizing that they are false it can really damage your life.

I did not know. I found out my cousine have schizophrenia when I was adult. It was very much hushed about. I always felt different, and I heared voices when I was 15. I read about schizophrenia but thought I was protected by the knowledge of it. “If you know you have it you don’t have it.”

Even after taking a gifted psychology course in high school and an intro psychology course in college, I didn’t know that I had Sz. I didn’t have symptoms until later, and anosognosia was really pronounced with me. My uncle had it. I had a few traumas in childhood and adulthood. My pdoc thinks it was brought out by Hurricane Katrina.

I was held back in Kindergarten by my mom who wanted me to stay home with her. I didn’t go to preschool. Her side of the family has problems other than Sz. Certain pathologies exist in families with Sz. She has a codependent personality etc. She fell and injured her back again, so I had to give up going back to college until the Spring.

Notice it more in Bipolar. Ask a bpeer how old they feel when manic and they can pin point it to the year ie how old they feel at that time. Some of the psychotherapies work on the theory one pivotal moment triggered the chemical imbalance. It’s all our inner child stuff.

I had been hospitalized three times before I realized I had SZ. The realization came over me in psychoanalysis when I learned I thought differently from other people. This was 10 years into the illness.

I had a cousin and also I have a nephew who were both diagnosed with par. sz. As a child I used to think how odd my cousin was that she talked to the people behind the refrigerator. Never did I think that I would be too (well, figuratively so to speak).

I knew something was wrong…I was diff…due to the r word I thought I was possessed by demons… I know better now kind of…but I can’t help but think how my life would be diff if I got help earlier…