Did you know...? (Add your own!)

Did you know that Tom Araya, lead singer of Slayer, grew up Catholic and has children?


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Did you know that Alice Cooper is a golf fanatic?

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So is Huey Lewis.

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Did you know that eating an apple in the morning wakes you up more than coffee?

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Nomad, are you sure about that?

I saw it on the internet so it has to be true…


I’ve seen him open for Motley Crue, and he is one weird dude. But hey aren’t we all ? :wink: never would have guessed that though, that’s for sure

Paul McCartney revolutionized bass playing on guitar in the sixties. You almost never here it mentioned though. Before McCartney, the bass players in rock bands were just background, laying down a simple beat.
But Paul played the bass almost like a lead guitarist. Whole songs were based on his bass playing which basically had never been done before.

The very first class I took when I went back to college a few years ago was a class on the Beatles. I got an A+. When I took the final for the class, the last question asked us to sum up what the Beatles meant to the world of music and asked us to sum up what the class meant to us.

My answer was a paragraph on what I thought. It was an online course and my teacher wrote back to me that in the 5 years that he had been teaching this class, that my answer to the last question was the best answer he had seen out of any other student.
I wrote back to him, “Well, I don’t need your approval, Jack. I already know I’m a genius.”

My whole post is the truth except for the last sentence.


Gotta love the intro to Come Together…

bum, bum, bumbumbummmmmm, bum bum, bumbumbummmmm…

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Yep, you gotta love it.



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Did you know monkeys that use tweasers are more inclined to play guitar?

Did you know how long is a China man? :joy:


Do they use tweasers to play the guitar?

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did you know that a sirens call can lead you astray :confused:

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Дид уоu кноw тхат ит ис грамматицаллу инцоррецт то усе тхис леттер то wрите ин енглисх? :upside_down:


Did you know, that Tom Cruise wanted to be a Catholic Preist when he was little?

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Did you know I never tried avocado?

(Now think about your dirty white privilege schmucks :expressionless:)


you trigger me sarad

How come honey?