Glory day of a bass player

The M----- HS gig happened this month 20 yrs ago. I remember that I’d bought two Faulkner vols just prior. I’d launched into As I Lay Dying, having already read The Sheltering Sky. My faith in human patience was waning more and more with my experience of the disco band. I needed to get out of there. I was the one everybody took a dump on, but to me, work was work, and somebody had to do it else each gig would’ve been a train wreck. They didn’t acknowledge the help I was to them. After I left, CS was in a quandary over keeping SJ and CC or hiring me back. I let him think it thru over a beer or two. Then I didn’t see him again in a long time. I was such a stress case for my whole involvement with them. The ones I got along with best were JP and RW, the serious music students. The band was so political and based on shallow popularity. Sort of like a cheerleader squad mentality, or like any frat or sorority, where it was never what but whom you knew. I only cared about the music itself, about getting it right. The glamor left me cold. Onstage, I stood behind CS and before JP. When CS was lost, he deferred to me… Even a roadie who’d been with us could tell me later about the band’s struggles after I’d left. It was a sad story for me, unjust, but the way it was. It made my mom proud, however, and that was my motive for doing it. She got to see me be a local rock star in her final few years: success enough for me.


There are always other times, other bands to join or start.

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I think bass players are seriously under-rated. No band would sound right without that rhythmic drive and melodic undertone, and yet so often the bass player is under-estimated. I used to play, but can’t any more after I broke my hand really badly a few years back. I can still play the piano, but can’t manage the bass any more. It’s still the first thing I hear when I’m listening to music though.


My brother plays bass in a band for fun.
They actually play for the public.

I used to sing in a rock band in High School.
Pre SZ .


I was a bass player in a band for the high school talent contest, the guitarist in the band was exquisite lead guitar player…I played bass only during that band’s existence…otherwise I play guitar. It was fun…


My stint with disco was actually post-SZ and the whole band of eight people knew about it. I have to admit, I could’ve been more loose about the whole thing. Would’ve been nice if I could’ve relaxed and enjoyed myself. I was in another band later, a metal band, more or less, where I could lay back. They didn’t care about my clothes and whatnot, just so I played. I came to gigs in a sweatshirt and jeans and gave them myself. But, at that point my positive symptoms and ambivalence drove me and everybody else nuts. Until the SZ is under control again, I can’t play gigs. Day by day.


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