Did you hero worship an older sibling?

i used to really love my sister but I only irritated her. It seemed to be a one sided love until we were adults…

I remember co-opting some of my older brother’s tastes in music because I thought he was cool. :sunglasses:

It annoyed him of course.

My brother was a drug addict and I hated him for it. I avoid him at all costs these days. I don’t go to the expense of telling him that.

No, but I like my sisters a lot and trust both of them and I know they are dependable.
And fun to be around.
And I respect them a lot.


My brother and I are just becoming close again. I went away for a long time when my husband was stationed away from our state. When I got back, he had changed into this distant sibling that didn’t care about me anymore. Part of it was my sister in law isolating him from us. Now that he’s a truck driver and is away, he calls and texts and hangs out with me and our parents. His wife doesn’t even visit her own family, so she must’ve had the idea that my brother shouldn’t either. We’ve gotten closer too because we’re both doing direct sales together.

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