How did you get along with your siblings?

I’m beginning to remember that mine just wanted me to go away. I felt terrible.

The sister I got along the best with as a kid is the one I get along the least with now.

I feel she looks down on me.

It’s kind of funny. Me and my two sisters were talking one day a few years ago about are childhood. We all said the same thing: none of us remembered one another when we were children.

It was surprising, we never really gave it much thought before. But during my childhood from about 8 or 9 years old on, I was out every day playing with my friends, going over my friends houses or riding our bikes. And I was usually out every night too. As I reached high .school I was spending every day at my friends house smoking pot and swimming and lifting weights. I had no idea what my sisters were doing. And we’re only three years apart in age.

We crossed paths often but I was hanging out with friends most of my childhood.

Once we reached adulthood and got our own lives, we started getting closer and saw each other more.

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It used to be brother…sister me . As adults my brother is much closer to me than my sister is. We email me each other about 3-4 x a week. My sister rarely calls or emails. She very occasionally likes a FB post of mine. She has a much more negative opinion of me than my brother. Neither have visited me since I came to live here in Sep 2017.

My brother and I were always together as kids.
I teased him a lot growing up so now maybe he resents me a bit, I don’t know.

Today we are not as close as we were once a long time ago.

I still love him though.

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i get along pretty well with my siblings… my one sister was scared of me for long time cause i had weird look in my eyes but now that i’m on meds and she knows what is wrong she is not scared anymore. At first she was scared to leave her kid at my mum’s place cause i was there too but now she knows the kids like me and i am not gonna do anything bad.

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I have a step brother and step sister

My step brother moved 400 miles away and I see him like twice a year

My step sister lives around the corner, but she is self-centred and doesn’t really care to be honest.

Think if I live long enough to see my parents go, I will probably have nothing to do with either of them


It helps to be an only child. I took the uterus with me when I came out.


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