Did you experience catatonia?

I had slight catatonia and SZs with catatonia have a worse prognosis.

I still tell myself that I was close to being catatonic for life in mental hospital. I was freezing and sometimes I don’t think, move or talk for a couple of minutes even when my parents were yelling and hitting me to break my catatonia.

Its like when a computer freezes but you can’t restart it. My mind was frozen and completely empty.


I experienced catatonia early on in my illness. It was horrible. Everyday felt the same, except that you really couldn’t feel anything due to a lack of emotion. It was very hard to put words together, both because of lack of thought and disorganized thinking; I would often times speak in one word answers or sentence fragments. It was also very hard to move at parts, these parts I would just sit and stare off into space with virtually no thoughts. But, unfortunately, it was just a precursor of what was about to happen.

My catatonia got much better, though. I found a antidepressant and antipsychotic that helped me tremendously. Now, I still get “catatonic” some times, but nothing like it was. It’s more like staring off into space for a few minutes without emotions.

There really isn’t much advice I can offer except to take your medication as prescribed, and to trust your support system, but, more than likely, you wouldn’t even be thinking on how to get better. It’s a very unfortunate thing that happens.

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I’ve experienced something like catatonia. Where I can’t think, speak, or process anything rationally for a long time. Maybe it was catatonia, but nobody told me it was.

Me too it was worse when my illness started.
Now it happens less and its less intense.
Sometimes I get mind blocking and I try to reverse time by moving my body parts the way they were before getting that mind block in the hope of remembering my lost thoughts.

I know I sound crazy but this happen to me many times everyday. Its still much better than the true catatonia I had at the start of my SZ.


Were you frozen or you were able to move your eyes and body parts?

No, I could still move. I’ve never totally lost body function.

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Catatonia is when you freeze completely and can’t move anything.

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Allright, I guess what I expereince is more like an overload or panic attacks then.

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It could be depression.

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True, it could be.

See this video

He is not unresponsive, he talks sensibly and still labelled catatonic. So catatonia is not fully freeze up state.

Catatonia is full freezing. He had catatonia before. During this video he was on catatonia meds, strong benzodiazepines.

Also look at this guy who had catatonia, look at the picture held by the psychiatrist:

That’s another schizophrenia type Hebephrenic one.

See this video

Yea but he had catatonia with it. Catatonia happens with any type of SZ. It can happen in depression too.

Hers another video of medicated catatonia, they still don’t talk:

Catatonia means not stuck or mute instead a feeling of freezing up, stillness, unable to think etc.

In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHXvRzCYlOA he able to speak and respond but watch his posture, its almost like a statue.

In these videos they were medicated with catatonia meds benzodiazepines. Without meds they really completely freeze and even resist movement. I was completely frozen without meds. If I stop meds I will freeze sometimes. In catatonic excitment, more rare, its more dangerous, wikipedia catatonia:

Catatonic excitement is a state of constant purposeless agitation and excitation. Individuals in this state are extremely hyperactive, although, as aforementioned, the activity seems to lack purpose. The individual may also experience delusions or hallucinations. It is commonly cited as one of the most dangerous mental states in psychiatry.”

The deadly catatonia is:

Malignant catatonia is an acute onset of excitement, fever, autonomic instability, delirium and may be fatal.

I have these catatonic feeling all the time. I can remain like these guys if want. I can sit, stand for hours with no discomfort.

How can catatonia cause fever?