Did you exercise today

I rode my bicycle over two hours. I like when the bicycle paths are good. Did you or are you going to exercise today …


This morning I had twenty minutes walk
The weather quite nice here


I’m athletically training for a century I think. A century is a 100 mile bicycle ride.

Or I could do a 100 km and it would be a metric century.

I’m hoping my fitness will be at an acceptable level by the end of autumn. I’d like to get those done this year, but no hurry I guess.


I didn’t go for a walk for quite some time.
I also haven’t worked out in couple of years.
Kinda trying to not exercise. And if I think about exercise, which is rare, I don’t get motivated.

Exercise is no longer on my mind. But currently struggeling with quitting smoking. I already reduced the sugar. I only drink one or two cups of coffee with sugar and cream. And the rest of the day I’m drinking pure water.


I walked to the fridge and back to my couch. I usually exercise and walked outside yesterday to the restaurant but that is about it. I have an odd work schedule which is making me tired. I should exercise more and will when I feel more motivated.

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