Did you ever wake up and not know where you were?

Scary isn’t it. Probably it happens after a particularly good and deep sleep.


Last study I did I would wake up and not remember where I was.

I get that when I sleep in a different room than usual. When I get up I am all disoriented.

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Odd I was thinking about this today, one time I woke up at home in my bed and had no idea where i was, It lasted for about 2 min, was scary

Yes 2 times when I had surgeries. I was totally anaesthetised and uncinscious. I was completely lost for 2 days and had cognitive issues like memory, attention and concentration problems.

It took me hours after surgery to be able to walk like a drunk men. I was extremely dizzy.

I thought drs poisoned me.

Yeah after I was kicked out of my dads house when I would sleep in my car I would wake up not knowing where I was.

Even when I moved into my moms house it would happen.

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