Waking up confused

I keep waking up confused and disoriented. It’s like I don’t remember falling asleep and I get confused by the current time. Does anyone else get confused upon waking up?

Thats a condition known as de-personization. It happens to every one at some point of time or the other. If it is very acute, then medication can be considered for the effect. Please take it up with your pdoc.

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I do if I am awoken suddenly by bad dreams. But the last week or so I haven’t been having bad dreams I just realized so that’s a plus. My pdoc said it can be a side effect of medication.

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This has happened to me but only if I wake up suddenly. It is very uncomfortable.

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Thanks for the replies guys

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Upon waking up, I am lost. I have no memories, I feel like ■■■■, desperate

Only when stressed. Then i don’t know where i am, total confusion

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