As far as benzos go

Only ever tried klonopin, Ativan and a Xanax

Well I switched klonopin to Ativan with my pdoc

.5 mg twice daily morning and evening

I never needed such a strong benzo like klonopin

I think it’s much more balanced taking Ativan on a usual regimen. A much weaker although still relaxing benzo.

Agrees with abilify more too. Helps the shaking my pdoc said so.

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Ativan was always very helpful when I had an anxiety attack, i used it for over 15 years PRN. I didn’t use it every day or anything, and never became dependent on it. Just occasionaly.

I was once dependent on 0.5mg/day of clonazepam, i took it for a year because I had these awful headaches and it was the only thing I had tried that masked the pain, but I tapered myself off it about 2 years ago. But I am back on again it for my insomnia, now taking 1.5mg/day and I am pretty sure in saying I am dependent on it again. If I am ever able to sleep naturally again I will have to taper myself off it all over again. Not looking forward to that, benzo withdrawal sucks.

I’ve never tried Xanax.


I’ve tried Ativan–0.5 mg as needed. It helps with anxiety.

For some reason my pdoc doesn’t like prescribing Ativan.

Pretty sure it made me hallucinate with higher dose (injection) in the psych hospital.


One of my best friends from high school was addicted to benzos for three years and someone i knew died from an overdose, so i promised myself i would never take those. I get that theyre helpful for seizures and alcohol detox but docs are way too quick to hand them out. I got prescribed benzos immediately after they said that i was healthy, just in case i wanted to become an addict and fund the crooked pharmaceutical industry. I cant believe how evil doctors are.

I just took an ativan actually. I’ve been prescribed them for two months and have taken 2.

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I never got addicted to Clonazepam probably because it was such a low dose and prn. I don’t like Ativan it’s a heavy drug.

Klonopin ow. Got heavily addicted and had to do a miserable detox. No more benzos for me.

I don’t feel any change on benzos. Took a couple of big doses of Valium and nothing happened. Thought it was the APs blocking it.