Did you ever forget what words are?

Sometimes my verbal brain goes numb and I can’t realize what words mean.

I occasionally struggle to find a word here and there. It’s annoying when you know what you are trying to say and have to struggle to find the right word that’s on the tip of your tongue. That’s one of the good things about spending a lot of time on a forum like this, where you read and write a lot. It helps to keep your vocabulary intact.


I remember not being able to know what a word means as though English was a foreign language to me.

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There was once a period of time that I was so ill that I could not remember the name for things. My family calls it “when you lost your nouns”. The worst bit of it lasted about 6 months, then slowly I started relearning what things were called and remembering. But for awhile everything was “thing”.

My brother would ask me where I put something and my honest, most helpful answer was “It’s in the thing in the thing”. To this day when anybody in my family asks for something they all answer “thing in the thing”. They have a good time at my expense. But I don’t care.


Sometimes when you repeat a word many times it begins to sound unfamiliar.

i have that with my main language too… sometimes i can’t remember certain words… it’s annoying.