Did you ever asked for something on the street?

Cigarettes money etc…


I’ve bummed cigarettes and gotten rides hitch hiking before. that’s about it.

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I know it’s embarrassing…I’m embarrassed.Just asked for cigarette.Don’t have money for it,until …

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I have had someone ask for money so a parent and children could eat. Instead, I took them to a restaurant and fed them.


Yes,what’s interesting when i went to a shelter for homeless,I gave them my pack of cigarettes,and said"They need it more then me".Lady in there was confused because of my gesture.

It’s nice to give what you can :slight_smile:

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I went to gave them wardrobe as winter is coming soon.Then I was embarrassed of how little I have to give.I went with 4 pairs of jeans and one sneakers,and coffee.

That’s plenty @anon70049667! Even if you only had one item, that’s great. Every little bit of help counts.

Thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Problem is they are craving for cigarettes.When I used go earlier,when I had money,i always used to buy them at least 5 packs.

@anon70049667 amazing and giving individual. i hope you continue to give while taking care of yourself as well.

to answer your original question. when i was younger i did ask for people to buy me cigarettes or beer while standing in the parking lot a couple times. shoulder tap i believe the term is/was. never asked for money.

Thank you very much.I would like to take care about my self more.

Uh, I was broke and I didn’t have enough. gas in my car to get where I wanted so I pulled into a gas station and asked random people if they could give me five bucks for gas. One older guy gave me his debit card and told me to put 5 dollars on it. He was drunk and trying to be nice.

These two guys I hung around with during my addiction used to go to the back of a certain church where a priest lived by himself and if they told sad stories such as they had just gotten out of jail and had nowhere to stay and the priest would give them ten or twenty dollars to help pay for a motel room.
Or they would knock on his door and tell him that they just moved into the area and had a wife and they had no money for food and the priest would give them fifteen dollars cash. Of course there was no jail and no motel and no wife; we just took the money and bought crack with it. I did it by myself a couple of times and it worked.

That was thirty years ago and I’ve lived all over this area since then and lived ten or fifteen miles from that church and when we went there I didn’t know the area at all and for twenty years afterwards I couldn’t have told you exactly where that church was because I didn’t know. But now in this apartment, I saw that church and I live about ten minutes from it!!

A couple of years after that I got clean and sober in AA and I got a sponsor and I worked the 12 steps with him and step 8 is making amends to people we had harmed. So I owed hundreds of dollars to people that I knew during my addiction.

So I owed my psychiatrist about $90 from an old bill and I paid that off. I owed my old landlord about $800 back rent and I owed SSI about $600 from an over payment they had given me. But when I went to pay my old landlord which was about 4 years after I had lived there, her company had closed and there was no one there to pay. And I called up SSI and they told me they had no record of an over payment!! But I went back to that church and paid about $25 dollars to make up for what I had done.


My brother stretched out his hand to people for ten pence cos we were short of it for a snooker game lol.

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yes, begged for food money stole a pickled egg from a burger van counter top
asked for a quid to fund my mobile phone credit on a separate occasion
i absconded for 3 days from hospital
in a doorway i was given a puff on a rolie and a swig of some cider i had less than nothing
a house or hospital bed if i wanted it but i had no mind, no shoes, bra, knickers or anything else


No i’m lucky. I’ve never been in a position where i’ve had to ask for anything. Came close, real close…but did manage to avoid it. I’ve had people ask me for money, and if i have some i give it to them, but honestly these days i don’t carry much lose change anymore. Everything’s on the debit card these days. I got to say, though, there are some amazingly generous and thoughtful members on this forum. You guys are awesome.

I sympathise with you.I know whats living on the edge.I try to make up for all the things I’ve done in life.My addiction is not that bad,but I’m still out of money,and forced to ask.

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I had to use to the restroom at an outdoor event

and I asked the people sitting beside if they’d keep an eye

on my 4 year old daughter

they were real nice and they did

it was rather trusting of me

I ran away delusionally from the ward once to another country. I was there roaming the streets at night. I both gave something away to a girl who was begging - 800 euro’s! :flushed: :tired_face:

And i asked for something - i asked a random man whether he believed in God and for a place to sleep. “Surprisingly” he thought i wanted more than sleep, especially when i decided to sleep in his bed. Luckily he did listen to my no.

I lost 800 euro’s in one night, and still pray that she didnt use it on heroïn or so, but i think i had lots of luck returning to the ward safely next day.

I asked a group of people sitting down to borrow a cell phone cuz I got lost in my car (ended up at a random shopping center) and my phone was dead. They all said theirs was out of batteries.

I had to ask a lot of people until one person finally let me make a single call to arrange pickup with my stepdad.