Did you ever asked for something on the street?

I’ve asked for the time or directions. That’s about it.

That’s a good one…:smile:

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No the fact I asked is that I’m using this med for smoking,and it failed to do it’s work.So in order to not buy cigarettes I asked my neighbor and pair on the street.I specifically didn’t want to ask a woman.

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I don’t drive and as recently as last week, I had to go up to a strange young woman coming out of a grocery store and ask her for a ride home. I was very lucky when she drove me home and wouldn’t take any compensation. It helps that I’m a harmless looking old lady.


When I was 16,i was drinking beer in some passage with the friends.We used to ask for money to get drunk.People were generous then.

Have you ever seen those people with those signs that say “Will work for beer”? I’ve seen it

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i give creative points for those who use some originality.

for those who are honest there is respect points.

No,I didn’t drink anything for 20 years…Other people outside forum begin to bother me.

I haven’t asked anyone for anything on the street. Mainly because I barely barely leave the house and I avoid talking to anyone when I do.

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Do you listen some music?

No, makes me more paranoid because I can’t hear what is going on around me. It does help cover up the voices, but not hearing my surroundings is worse.

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I have also pretended to talk on my phone in public, so people wouldn’t talk to me. :sunglasses:

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I’ve asked for a cigarette but I always offer them money

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Me too,but no one accepted.

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