Does anyone give money or spare change to beggars and homeless people out on the street?

I feel sorry for them and give them some spare change, but not all the time. What do some of you guys do when a beggar approaches you?


I give them money sometimes too.

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If I have the money I give them some. I also put money in the pots of the Salvation Army bell ringers. I figure it helps even out the balance of good and bad for me.

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Can’t the state/government/local council take care of them? Isn’t that what tax is for? I don’t give them money cos I know they’ll spend it on alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

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i do some times, i stopped and chatted to a big issue seller, i think its cool even just talking to them will cheer them up a bit.

No money, but food yes.


Depends how they approach me. Sometimes i give them some change to make a bet at the tab.

Nope I don’t give them anything because they will spend that money on there habits like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. There is a reason a lot of those people are homeless in the first place. I know a lot of the homeless population also has mental issues as well but a lot of them are drug addicts or just have given up on life.

Almost never, and when I do it’s just loose change, and only if I’m in a really good mood. I damn sure am not going to take out my wallet in front of one of them. Good way to get robbed.


I want to but never do because I don’t carry cash on me. My kids get allowances so they get all my money. :confused:

I don’t usually see Street people where I live. But my mom claims I almost used to be one of them when I was ill


I’ve lived in the Winnipeg area for over 25 years. I’ve been approached by beggars thousands of times. A person becomes immune to them. I haven’t given anyone money in at least a couple of decades. I give to charity, but beggars are usually not charity. Some are professionals and beg for a living. They can make more than I do in an 8 to 10 hour day, while they only beg for a few hours.

Some of them aren’t pros, but also aren’t homeless or hungry or anything. There are certain convenience stores where every time I go there, someone asks for money out front. Those guys are just lazy opportunists whose mother didn’t teach them how to have a little honor. Winnipeg has so many public and private programs to help the poor. No one in that city needs to go hungry or homeless. They can get plenty of assistance without begging. The people who are really hurting are mentally ill enough that they don’t ask for help.

Usually, I just tell them all I have on me is debit cards, which is often the truth anyways. Sometimes, I just ignore them. I don’t give them a second thought.

There used to be a mental asylum. Since the fundings got cut and its closing down the poor devils including me have nowhere to go anymore. The city definitely draw a line to help only those who play to the rules. There is no money for the mentally ill anymore.

Just tell them to go to social security

They are to disoriented and confused. Getting easy agitated and agressive. They have to wait for their turn to get picked up by the police.

No I don’t give away my money to beggars or the homeless because most of them will either buy drugs or booze with the cash.
Instead I might donate to our local homeless shelter.

At least their they get a decent meal and shelter.


I don’t have money to give away, they are everywhere here, I see them everyday. Sad but many refuse help from agencies and live off the grid for various reasons. I used to hire them for part time work on projects but it was to much of a hassle, they were sneaking off to smoke up or whatever and if they get hurt on the job it’s my fault so I stopped that


Sometimes, if I see someone who looks like they could use some help, I will approach them and ask them how they’re doing and offer them a $20 bill.

A couple of times folks have politely said “No, thank you” and then it is a bit awkward. :confused:


If someone approaches me I might give them a dollar or two. I make it a rule though not to give any money to someone who is rude or deliberately intimidating. I don’t have to give anybody a dime so they have to do their part and put out a little effort to be polite. If they are going to approach a stranger the least they can do is pull it together and be polite for 60 seconds while I fish in my pocket for change or a dollar or two.

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your’e marginal to say the least. I’ve been following you.