Did you damage anything in your home?

Did you damage any stuff in your home before while you experience symptoms
I broke one tv and laptop and wasted many mobiles many of them r expensive
That was too much​:cry::cry:


Good question. But I don’t remember ever breaking anything.

Yeah I threw some ■■■■ the cops came and they were ■■■■■■■ with me I was really psychotic and they seemed so smart I was so stupid crazy. They ain’t that smart they’re cops. But they pointed out the stuff I threw on the floor. This was before my very first hospitalization I was abusing Wellbutrin at the time it was making me very psychotic but I enjoyed it so kept taking more. One night took 3 had crazy hallucinations. It really messed me up but damn I liked it tho…

I smashed apart a coffin shaped bookshelf my husband had custom made for me. It still makes me sad.

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I ruined a few books by throwing them across the room. Broke a pair of glasses too. Glad that’s over. :roll_eyes:

Cut off my pants. Those were good pants.

I broke or tore up all of my my favorite stuff because I was so rich outside and felt so poor inside
also an antique ceiling lamp of my mother’s

When I was manic and psychotic I’ve broken computers, cell phones, iPads, CDs, dishes etc…

Back when I was still listening to my voices they had me pour water on my macbook air and my playstation. Those were huge losses. I don’t do that anymore.

A long time ago I stabbed a knife in the wall


I the patched it up and repainted the wall. You can’t see where the hole was.

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I had a bunch of computers set up to mine cryptocurrency, but then I started getting paranoid and wanted to move away like right away. I wanted to get rid of the systems so bad I just yanked the system away from the network cord and damaged the port on one of the systems. That’s not much damage though. Oh, I also kicked a hole in the fabric of a couch, and punched a hole in the wall. Bad times.

I also threw away a perfectly good MacBook during one of my crazy walks, because it was “too (metaphorically) heavy.”

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