Did the psychologist analyse my bookcase?

7 years ago I had some psychologist come to my house to conduct a I.Q test and he was quite interested in my bookcase. I have a lot of true life crime books, travel books like Lonely Planet and quite a few Stephen King books? Do you think he was analysing my book case?. I was thinking because of the large amount of true life crime books he thought I was a serial killer in the making. Is that weird?

Those books are hugely popular as well as crime tv shows and movies. If you were a sociopath/ psychopath that liked to torture and kill animals it would mean a lot more

I get a lot of pleasure out of reading and I enjoy seeing what other people have chosen. I see nothing wrong with your interests in reading.
I read religion, psychology, sociology, and self-help. When I am feeling good I read one book every weekend. It fills my hours and I do not feel bored.

I think it’s interesting seeing what other’s read, same with movies but just because they read or watch scary things doesn’t mean anything. I mean why do people ride roller coasters or sky dive?