Is it ok for sz's to read crime thrillers?

Or do they cause homicidal thoughts? Does anyone here read crime?

I find it fascinating the forensics and investigations but I’m scared the murders will cause my homicidal thoughts.

However, I had these thoughts years before I started reading crime thrillers. I remember in hospital in 2019 I complained to the pdoc that Alien wants to kill my husband. I still read dramas back then.

well, have you ever found it triggering?

I read thriller but it never occurred to me that it would make me homicidal

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It depends on the person. Just like anyone else, we are all different and have different triggers.


I don’t like true crime TV shows or books but fiction is different though I found the illiad triggering and some Steve king and gosh I’ve become so forgetful, one moment a thought is in my head and the next it’s gone, oh yeah, Anne rice’s first book made me think about drinking blood, lol, how could it not!

Stay away from things that trigger you, period.

Anything with aliens (esp. X-Files) messed with me when I was unstable.

I still have to be cautious around this stuff when stable.

If it is triggering for you then don’t.

Double don’t in your case as you seem to be either in crisis or on the verge of one 99% of the time. (Not a criticism - I feel badly for you.)

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Of course it’s ok. It depends on the person. If crime thrillers are very triggering to you and cause you to have symptoms that are that bad then yeah, you should probably avoid them.

A lot of tv shows and movies can be triggering to me but I manage it by watching them in small bursts instead of binging.

I think you would really have to decide for yourself.

I personally can’t read or watch or listen to anything scary. Not thrillers or horror or especially paranormal things. Books, movies, pictures, music, anything scary I avoid. It doesn’t make me homicidal, it makes me so overwhelmingly terrified that I freeze (catatonia) or flee and hide from everything and everyone. At which point people come and drag me to a hospital where I am stuck for weeks, months. At a certain point I decided that’s a bit of a high price to pay for a movie night.

Only when I feel particularly strong, I can handle tiny confrontations with such things (say, yesterday I read the short summary of a creepy movie). So it also depends on the timing.

What do you notice in practice when your read such things?