Did the corona virus effect you mentally

I know for me when I was unmedicated my life was based upon the fact the corona virus was planted by the government to kill us all. Now that I’m medicated I can see how silly that is. Kinda.
Wearing a mask in public bothers me. It makes me feel like I’m a robber. Kind of puts me on edge.

I’m just wondering if anyone else is affected by the corona virus?

I really enjoyed the lockdown in the spring. It was so nice and quiet, almost no traffic. No crowds anywhere. No having to go and visit with the wife’s family. No sports on television. I would like that back.

I’m anxious about catching the bug and don’t like being around other people. Those who don’t mask at all or who are so stupid they can’t cover their noses make me nuts.


When I had covid I was always tired and depressed.

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The first few months of CV I was convinced everyday I was gonna die, washed my hands til they cracked and bled, extra stress on top of new medical diagnosis as well.

Im more aware of hygiene now.

Ya it is pissing me off just a little tiny bit. I need treatment for a condition but cos of covid it keeps getting delayed

I would like to be able to go to the swimming pool and sauna again. And I’d like to visit my grandparents.

It’s made me very worried for my husband and son. They both have underlying conditions. Husband has diabetes and my son has asthma and diabetes.

It’s made me worried about family too. For reasons. Oh and myself! Had a horrible nightmare that I could not breathe properly

It’s something that I could really do without
I miss being able to get out and about and do volunteer work so this has affected my mental health I have too much time to be anxious

We have a less harsh lockdown here until at least the 2nd December. The figures are not looking too great at the moment, and I am pretty sure people will ignore all the advice for Christmas, and it will spike again.

Luckily I have been able to work the whole time, so been occupied. This weekend has been a bit rough as many places are shut. On a Saturday I’d normally go to the gym, see my nan and maybe go into town to my favourite Coffee place.

The first lockdown was very hard, as it was difficult getting building materials. Supply chains for some things are still very strained.

It’s definitly a minus with the corona situation. Creates stress when you have to think through everything so you don’t spread the disease.

I was at work today and had to wear a mask for many hours. Got a migraine which I suspect is because I can’t breathe properly under the mask. Had some breaks where I took off the mask, but even so…maybe I can make a hole in the mask for my nose. jk :mask:

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