Do you find your mental health problems got worse since coronavirus
I have found that my symptoms have flared up and driving me mad

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No, I got better. Fewer people around, no changes anyway to my lifestyle, and lots of fun seeing normies behave as if they had all contracted ocd at once with their face masks and ritual hand washing.


yep, my suburban hermit lifestyle comes in handy during a pandemic. I’ve been thriving during covid, to be honest.

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This virus messed me up.I thought Ill be ok,but lack of social interaction and not seeing people brought me down.Cant see my relatives,and since I live alone in small flat…Any way,I gave up.My city is mess,since we dont have lockdown,everyone is running around infected in search for missed sex last year.
Im wearing a double mask,and go early only for food…

@anon22846033 yes me also there’s too much time spent in my flat
My paranoia and voices have been more frequently and the anxiety and low mood

Same here. I actually enjoyed the lockdowns. Wouldn’t mind another couple years of this, especially if they ban sports again. It’s just so … civilized.


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Lockdown worsen symptoms and anxiety. Less exercise=more obesity. Covid is not a good thing for me.

I’ve become paranoid about the virus. I’ve convinced myself it’s going to get me in the end, someday. The vaccines can’t keep up with the different variants.

For about a month,after my first shot of vacc,Im having vivid horrible dreams,and cant even go to a store as I think all day of those dreams.
Im a little ashamed of how many of my " friends" behaved.
One got infected and transmitted virus to his old father,who barelly survived.Other have conspiration theories,and I keep my moth shut talking over phone,since their conclusions are far from medical truth.
Yes,and I got chips in my blood since vacc.Idiots.

they got better for me too… i hardly see any people now and it helps me. My nieces and nephew not comming over so much so things are a lot more peaceful

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