Did Jesus turn the water into wine...?

yes or no…?.?.?

would it be possible folks?

of course… cgi has come a long way baby

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i heard he cured a cripple too

and blind people

besides being raised from the dead Himself, during his ministry he raised a man from the grave. Lazuras.

Lazarus, but yeah

surely he would cure me too?

depends on how badly you want healing.

funny how churces fear-monger on the esoteric/satanic when jesus’ life was like a textbook-reading of all this stuff… or… he just got some really, really, biblical-type good ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

Edit: sorry bout the party pooping, lol. but seiously jesus and stuff is a ■■■■■■■ intereseting topic no matter where, when, and how intoxicated/apparently “mentally ill”, i feel.

Edit: sorry for the hijacking, and sorry for being sorry.

why did judus rat on jesus

cos homosexuality is still a taboo.

and why didnt jesus use his god-giving magical force powers to mind-trick/obliviate judas?

when Jesus mentioned that one at the last supper would betray Him, He took part of the bread of the covenant and dipped it in the wine and fed it to Judas and said, “what you are about to do, do it quickly”. the bible says satan overtook Judas and he fled the table.

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@BarkingDog Jesus came to save the world and only by His wrongful death for doing nothing wrong. He became the sacrifice for all man’s sin.

nice… need moar!

too mindfucky… doesnt compute… need more parables and stuff.

Jesus said, " blessed are the poor" that’s why I feel good about being poor because I see why Jesus in His mercy would think that.

poor, in which sense?

financial poverty