Did I do the girl wrong or did she do me wrong?

I met a guy and started sleeping with him he had been engaged and to my knowledge it was over with them another girl comes around and says they getting back together then they were together whole time. She knows my cousin so she knew the whole time I was with him waited awhile then wanted to act like I was pushing myself off on him slept with him one time. I got mad and called her butch.did I do her wrong or she do me wrong? I believe some people still believe her story and don’t like me because she said I was looking in his windows and pushed myself off on him and slept him once

It’s the guy’s fault.


I have stayed single for years now, cause of all the drama that comes with dating.

I would just walk away and forget the guy

He did you both wrong, then sat back and watched you fight each other. You both should ditch the guy because he is a cheater.


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