Do have right call namees

If start talking someone and get intimate early on then after few months another girl saids getting back together when had been engaged to someone else and then switched the story to she was with him all time while I looked in his windows and pushed myself off on. Him
. His dad even saw me and him leaving sepeartly and he was not fussing at me leave but she was supposedly in the bedroom the whole time scared. Not too mention I slept with him more than once and she was not there in the bedroom with us. Plus way he has acted afterwards shows she’s a liar. I may be crazy buy accidental ly sent him friend request and he accepted and not talking to him but kinda want leave it be nosey. I’ve dated alot in past more than twenty guys dated less than twenty slept with and only one of those in past ten years
. I’m 34 years old and no kids the other woman is 24 and is on meth and already has a kid. Is it ok to at least imply in private that she’s the hoe or other woman stole man. She’s a part cousins life so I still know what she’s up I crazy?

I’m not fully following the story, but I think it’s ok to say you’re not comfortable sharing a man with another woman.

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