Did Anyone Go to church today

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I’m saving hell for after I die.



I went to the church of Scientology. My thetan levels are radically high. They wanted five hundred bucks though. I offered them an hour of sex play instead because I only had 60$ in my wallet and they had security escort me out.


If you are going to church you will go to hell if you dont change. Please notice that upside down cross. Thats satanic!
Church? No thanks.

most people just make fun of it.

i couldnt go bc i am on holiday but i saw a procession of boats racing across the harbour, apparently it is done every Sunday.

here’s a song… ac/dc highway to hell :slight_smile:

I have trouble dealing with people, they rile my symptoms. Having to sit with 200 people messes my symptoms up for days. I don’t do that unless I am trying to earn a living, and even then I limit myself. Plenty of ways to explore spirituality without winding up my symptoms.

Sorry for not being clear, that’s what I was referring to. The fact that the crowds at church are what make me ill.


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the crowd issue was a problem for me too believe it or not,

then i started going to shopping centres and getting use to being around people, then an art class and gym, college and now i am doing the support groups, singing group, its great when you can build up your tolerances like that, i’d have thought you would be use to it by now doing photography for schools and weddings.

the thing with church is that the focus isnt on me, its all about everything else except me and i find that really helps me.

I do it regularly. In fact, I got myself into a bit of a mess this week doing just that (I set up an artist table at a local cultural function in order to exhibit my work and increase local awareness of my offerings). I’ve gone from not being able to handle five people at all to handling five hundred people for a short term. There are lots of opportunities for me to do this where I can build my business, so that’s where I’m limiting myself. Takes me several days to recover afterwards.

Yes, I’m high-functioning. No, I’m not high-functioning all the time.



I’m home-schooled with god.

Never been to church a day in my life.

Can’t stand the hypocritical BS I see from those claiming I need to buy a ticket to get into the gates of their heaven, yet they are the ones needing forgiven every Sunday.

i dont stand in judgement over anyone, thats not my job

i need to remember that

:yellow_heart: much love x

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God was a big factor in my recovery.

He gives me peace, so I hang out as His house once a week. But of course He is with us always anywhere, if we allow it.

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You know that shadow thing they always ridicule without asking questions first? Where the shadows were cast the opposite direction they should be?

So funny. All that you would need to do is cast some invisible light source on stuff and you could make shadows move around like that.

Hardly a miracle really.

I watch an online sermon about once a week. I can’t handle people, although I’ve church hopped twice this year I probably go to church on average less than twice a year. I’m listening to it right now while I’m on my laptop actually. Just type “the rock church san diego ca” and then click the “watch live” button on Sundays during the hours that they are airing and you can watch it too. I would feel better about myself if I actually went to a church in person, but i made such an ass out of myself while growing up and was hated by so many people in my hometown that I don’t really want to show my face. I tried to be nice growing up, but just about everyone hated me. During the graduation ceremony for middle school and high school you could hear a pin drop when people were supposed to clap for me. It was a miracle that that many people could be that quiet for that long.


I just read my Jesus Calling daily reflections.


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No church for me thanks… surf’s up


I’m kind of interested in the Unitarian church. They’re hard to find, though.

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i had a lot of history as well, i had a lot of things that i thought people knew about me but at the end of the day the whole reason i go there is not about myself but about others and especially the one we love, its bigger than all of that.

Only $500. That was a bargain. (I thought it took about $25 grand to get to Thetan.)

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Or “God Calling.” I read that one in '97 when I fu------------ed up. I wated to believe the worst kind of way that doing so would suddenly yank me out of the horror story. (It didn’t.)

Im glad you go. I can’t get myself to go. I’m too ashamed to have to introduce myself on a regular basis to ppl. I know we’re supposed to go as Christians but I just can’t get myself to do it