Had a great time at church today

i am really starting to enjoy going to church, every time i go i feel great, it gives me time to think and pray about thing and sing and chat and learn, its amazing and so full of rich beautiful history lol,

i stopped going for a while but now i am going again i feel so much better, sorry if this is triggering but i just wanted to tell people how good this is making me feel.


I enjoy church too. Lately I have come to appreciate the Lord’s prayer. If you think about what it says, it says that Jesus wanted Heaven for us (that Heaven is real too) and also Jesus understood our need for “daily bread,” which to me means something to do every day.
The reason Heaven is important to me is because life over the years has been tough and I like to look for something beyond–which will reward me. In the meanwhile I will make an effort to enjoy life on Earth. People ask if I am suicidal and I am not.


religion is a great thing, im not particulary religious but i listen to religious bands and am learning the language of my holy book. its tough stuff!

i used to really enjoy going to the mosque as a kid, i suppose because i had more emotional experiences then and felt like it was my safe, happy place. everytime i went there i felt like my soul was being cleaned off. now i never go, between apathy and amotivation negative symptoms have kept me from being religious.

i love the idea of religious texts. like anyone i like the sound of poetry, but there is more to it. i like the idea of creation stories. i love reading about all the different characters and plots. religious texts are really fun to puzzle through.

i have never really liked the social aspect of observing religious rituals and so on. i feel claustrophobic very easily, im either paranoid, distrustful, or just totally disengaged. i also hate the idea of groupthink, and i feel like the other worshippers are judging me at all times. i suspect that they have it out for me for different reasons. i feel like they are all laughing at me and judging how my hair looks, whether or not my clothes are pressed, etc.

it was easier as a kid because there was the “im just a kid” factor, where i could do these sort of mental maneuvers which placed me outside the social world of adults. now im another one of them so i feel like i am always either having bad thoughts or judging or being judged.

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thats great @Here4You, glad you get something out of it,

Gorrister i find that it is better to try and ignore what other people think if you think they are judging you, i went to church wearing very casual clothes and my donald duck flats :joy: and no-one even batted an eye lid, i think as long as i am nice then people wont judge me :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you can go to church and it helps you! If I were to go anywhere near one of those I would burst into flames. :sweat_smile: :fire:


my sister said that to me as well and i just laughed haha i am sure you are a good person and would not burst in to flames :joy:


It’s good you have something that you enjoy and is meaningful to you. Something to look forward to each week. Am happy for you.

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I found nothing exciting I don’t feel worthy if I had to go to church

No, you’re clearly not sorry, or you wouldn’t do it. You know the rules, and yet you insist on breaking them. It is a very mean-spirited thing to do.